Falu mine with Queen Silvia's name signature 2002. Ref 1
Falu mine with Queen Silvia's name signature 2002. Ref 1
Foundries and mines in Bergslagen
Driving mc to Svinryggen in Norberg.
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Angelsbergs foundry
Ags foundry
Bispbergs mine
Bjorndammens foundry
Flatenbergs foundry
Flogbergets mine
Grangshammars works
Klenshyttan foundry
Korsans works
Mellings ruin
Moss mine
Norns foundry
Ohs works
Ostra Silvberg mine
Sala Silver mine
Sura works museum
Skottvangs mine
Ulfs foundryhyttan
Vintjarns mine

Akers Styckebruk foundry
Red earth
Loa foundry
Pers foundry
Trummelsbergs foundry
Nora veteran railw.
Falu copper mine
Hillanget Ludvika
Tykarps cave
Pers foundry
Riddar foundry copper
Ramnas rolling mill
Kratte furnace
Mojsen Grangesberg


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Ingången till Svinryggen. Ref 1
Path entrance for Svinryggen. Ref 1
Avtagsvägen i Kärrgruvan. Ref 1
Cross road in Kärrgruvan. Ref 1
Gruvhål. Ref 1
Mine hole. Ref 1
Gruvhål. Ref 1
Mine hole. Ref 1
 Gruvhål. Ref 1
Mine hole. Ref 1
Gruvhål. Ref 1
Mine hole. Ref 1
Gruvhål. Ref 1
Mine hole. Ref 1

Just when you enter the border for Kärrgruvan village. You see this road sign. 50 m after the old railway crossing. Here it is a small parking place. It is suitable for you when there to see Svinryggen mines. If you have small children drive along and study Moss mine instead. This is the entrance for the 18 open casts named Svinryggen. You look at them on your own risk and for this it is a bit thrilling. This part of the mine area was active 1700 and all extracting was in open casts. Extracting was only 10 m deep, before it was time to chose another place. The main problem was that these casts were easy filled with water and the ore could not be brought up in late winter. The ore vein is situated on both side of the path, which you follow. Note that between the open casts there is like a bank. Here the workers pulled up the ore by horse and sleigh. When the slope down into the cast became too large, they started with the next cast. In this way water was prevented to flow into the cast. The path is the main road to transport the ore. Note the different water levels to the left and right. Breaking method was by making the ore fragile by heating by fire. After this the ore  granite wall was broken in smaller parts from the granite. The ore had high percentage iron and gave much iron, but it was a hard work. The work of the day started at 0300 and the last which was done was to prepare the fire for the next night. Work ended 2100.
The owners (farmers around) shared their time between mine and farming. Every farmer had a team which switched with the other teams in the mine. Transports and coal production were the responsibility for every team. The furnace which now was used for the ore demanded much higher temperature to melt the ore. Before this type of ore were there only bog ore and bog-iron ore, which were much easier to take care of. In that time there were only hollows in the ground. This was so called blower oven. Because of the higher temperature they build an own furnace together and the production was led by a furnace master. The the teams were working took care of "their" ore. In Norberg there was such a furnace called Lapphyttan and a copy is build today and tests are usually made in it every year. The production was in the first hand for own use on the farm. In this was the profession smith was formed. They became by time very capable and almost artists to form iron for the necessary tools.

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