The head frame of Gröndals mine
Transcript of photo

Below the tower of this building there is a 352 m deep shaft. It is called Flora's shaft. It started to be lowered 1870 in order to make it better bring up the ore.

1886 the head frame over the shaft was built and some years later the building was completed with a machine house.
During this time head frames were built with timber and closed over buildings. The big mine head frame which is situated some 100 m from here and this is the only existing head frame in the world which is built with slag stone material. The slag stone material is produced in Nordansjö furnace using special forms.

Inside the machine house are there one line drum effectively taken care of. It is of the type bobbin drum with double haul to the surface. It is made at Norberg's mechanical works. 1930 it was rebuilt to a Koep drum because the security must be made better.

In the machine room were two Swedish steam compressors installed of the badge Atlas 1910 - 1911 and air pipes were mounted down into the mine headings. The machines were powered by electrical motors. The compressed air were used for the machine driven one man driller which were new for this time. Earlier these drillers were handled by two to three men.