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BMC Austin Cooper 1962, MG Midget 1962, Diva GT 10F, Diva Valkyr DV7, TVR Grantura 62
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My other race cars. Ref. 1
Result list from a club race 1962.
My other race cars. Ref. 1
BMC Austin Cooper 1962 was the car that came into my enthusiastic hands. With this car I should beat everything in the racingworld, SSK and on race track Skarpnäck. My old friend B-Ford had had become old and had nothing more to do. It was no more a victory car. Picko Troberg had shown that the BMC was the melody of that time. The first thing I had to do was to leave it at SportCars workshop to get it lowered. "Rebuild it like Picko's" was the order.
My other race cars. Ref. 1
They did it with a nice smile. It was money to earn. I learned later that it was a simple operation. They only remowed a bit from the rubber suspension cornet. Then they secured the down movement so it won't loose. For this a battery earth cable was used.
My other race cars. Ref. 1
Striping was done with a schack designed tape which was put on the engine bonnet. This was done so the mechanics could recognize me in time. Now it was race time. What I didn't know was that other BMC:s had much more power in their engines. It was a very popular car to race with. The trimming level had come far at that time. First race was a disappointment. My car was not fast enough even if I pressed my pedal and made late brakings. The car design with engine as a unit with gearbox and end gear did that I had no knowledge to lift for trimming.
My other race cars. Ref. 1
Result list from a club race 1962.
My other race cars. Ref. 1
Result list from a club race 1962.
My other race cars. Ref. 1
But anyway it was a nice combination car. I was on vacation in Norway with the family Guttman. Imagine that we were 4 full grown persons with tent and packung. Of course the car was filled in every empty place. In this way the first year went on. Once I was at Gelleråsen Karlskoga and raced. This track is another type than Skarpnäck. At that time the famous Velodrome was still left. This part excused the driver if he was entering to fast. The car only slid into it and the speed was corrected.
My other race cars. Ref. 1
At this moment I had a car on the outside and I made a buckle in his door. I was not a popular driver in the pit after this. I was in a hurry to go home because I was invited to a wedding party. During driving I had to dress in other clothes. Life was nice during this time of my youth. Note that this contract is signed by my brother Jan because I had no steady income.
My other race cars. Ref. 1
But the car had not the qualities I wanted and my interest for this type of car disappeared. I needed a car that could compete other cars on the racing track. Once more I bought the wrong car. It became a Triumph Herald cab 1962. It was white and just like a cake. With this car I had several different girls in the passenger seat.

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