My other mc. Short video. Ref. 1
My other mc. Short video. Ref. 1
My other motorcycles
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Vespa 57, BMW 900 83, Yamaha XJ 750 82, Yamaha 125, Vespa 83, Kawasaki 400 83, Suzuki 2002, Honda CBX 400F, Honda VF400F
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My other mc. Ref. 1
My first motorcycle was a new Vespa Super 1957. At that time I was at school in Strängnäs and used it to drive there from Gustavsberg. If not I had a Fiat 600. The scooter was new, bought i Stockholm from a mc shop at Karlavägen. I had never driven such a thing before and I drove during that time of traffic jam. In a youngster way I circulated through the queues. One occasion I remember that I slight touched a car with the cycle protection bar. forts.
My other mc. Ref. 1
I used the Vespa Super 1957 several years and often drove to my parents summer house in Värmskog Värmland. Here you can see my first child Maria just a little more than a year old trying to sit on it.
Nothing happened. Some years later I crashed into a car on my way home. It came from a parking area and didn't gave me free way. It took long time to get the cycle mended because of the insurance company took long time to handle the question. It was later sold perhaps when I bought a car. During the late 70th I renovated one Vespa Touring and one Vespa GS. I have only good memories from my time with scooters.
My other mc. Ref. 1
Here you have my Vespa PX 200 which I bought from a construction worker just outside Stockholm.From his work he had destroyed his back and was pre pensioned. He had used it for driving to his summer house. I tried to lower the price. It was negative. "I must have my money otherwise it can stand there." I and my boss Heimersson drove there and loaded it on his trailer. I used it for many years and was very pleased, inspite the rear bumper was out of order and never fixed. This scooter was sold to a merchant in Stockholm. He came to Virsbo with a Mercedes SUV diesel. The scooter was pressed into its bagage room. Then he switch on his GPS and drove home.
My other mc:s. Ref. 1
It was a guy from Dalarna Sweden who phoned and announced his interest, but he would like to screw down the price and also told me that these kind of Vespas was very low priced. He went on with this so I had to tell him if this Vespa was so bad it was nothing for him. Of course he was the kind that buy scooters and fix them a little in order to sell with profit. I don't like that kind of person.
My other mc. Ref. 1
When I worked at Wirsbo plastics I met a consulting engineer from Smedjebacken. He owned a Yamaha XJ750 which he offered me for sale. I had some feelings for high cc cycles so I bought it. This model had an illnes in the front bumbers because they where combinated whith front brakes. The amount of brake fluid was not enough from the brake handle. The handle was always in bottom when braking. This was not good because I could not get full brake effect. Then it had a too small steering handle. Good was the universal driving shaft.
My other mc. Ref. 1
Elisabet my tuff middle child got this Yamaha after me. She is shorter than me but like a powerful MC. Although she had a boy friend with no responsibility in Fagersta. They happened to take me over one time on the road between Fagersta and Norberg. Such a unluck, because I had forbid her to let someone else drive.
My other mc. Ref. 1
The first motorcycle I bought after my Vespa from 1957 was a Kawasaki 400 82. Not the one in the picture, but the same type. The pictured one was a red one from 83. The blue one from 82 was bougt at Panko outside Västerås. It was ordered with windshield protection and packing lugages. In order to come home after leaving for first service I got lift with a world champion in cross. I remember I said "You are world champion." I felt proud.
The blue one was used to drive to my work at AIB in Västerås and Hedemora Diesel in Hedemora.
My other mc. Ref. 1
  It was later sold to the chief engineer in Hedemora Jan-Erik Falk. He gave it later to his son Then I bought a BMW 900 before I returned to the red Kawa 400. I fetched the red one in the countryside near Sala. It was stored in a barn. The owner's girl friend had got reumatism in her hands and the cycle was forced to be sold. It had only 20000 km on the speedometer. My oldest child Maria got it later while she studied in Gothenburg. She later moved to Varberg with her boy friend where the cycle was stored for some years and then sold.
My other mc. Ref. 1
Elisabet my tuff middle child got a Yamaha FZR 125. This model suited her very much. She was very interested in football and swimming and had to drive away several times a week. But first she had to sign a paper where she admitted that motorcycles were dangerous vehicles and had to be handled carefully and with descretion. Continue next pic.
My other mc. Ref. 1
This she of course forgot later when she had got the Yamaha 750 and let her boyfriend drive. I happened to be taken over by him one day and they had a fast driving. It was unlucky for her. The FZR was a nice machine, the only thing that happened was the the contact in the ground support was failing so I had to drive and help her once. This cycle was later sold to a boy in Långshyttan.
My other mc. Ref. 1
I don't really remember when I bougt this BMW 900 in the late 80th. Possible it was from Lundgrens in Avesta. It was a nice cycle good for long way driving, but as all MC:s it was to high for me and the gearboxh was heavy in slow driving. It was well suited for driving between Virsbo and Hedemora when I worked there. At that time I got 25:-/10 km and also got payed dayly fee. It was good times. Later I put an ad in a paper and got an interested midddle aged man from Kumla area. He wanted to buy it but should go home first. But I told him to drive home at once and later he took my advice. It was what I say a quick buy and they got a lower price. Wonderful with cycles equipped with universal drive.
My other mc. Ref. 1
The red Kawasaki was equipped with a red cover. I found it to be very cool. Sorry to say some vandals broke the plexi glas and I could not find a spare.
My other mc. Ref. 1
Maria took over this cycle and here she is on her way to Gothenburg with a fully loaded Kawa. My wife didn't like this at all and later it became divorce. I understand that Maria didn't liked to be at home because of the tensions. Sad time.
My other mc. Ref. 1
When the year 2000 came and membership in MCHK was actual I needes a suitable mc for this. It became a Suzuki VL 800 2002 bought from Fotta in Ludvika. I have never felt sorry for that. I have it still 2012. This gave me possibility to buy some old mc:s like BSA and Sarolea. About them I have told you in other places.
My other mc. Ref. 1
This kind of machines have one disadvantage. The feet are placed long ahead in front, just because it is cool. After 150 to 200 km one get pain in the back. When this happens I wove my body like a worm. Anyway I have driven once to the city of Arvika ca 400 km one way just to look at the car museum there. This mc has good brakes, balance and can be driven in a good speed. That's the way it should be.
My other mc. Ref. 1
My other mc. Ref. 1
My other mc. Ref. 1
My other mc. Ref. 1
My other mc. Ref. 1
My other mc. Ref. 1
My other mc. Ref. 1
My other mc. Ref. 1
My other mc. Ref. 1
My other mc. Ref. 1
My other mc. Ref. 1  My other mc. Ref. 1  My other mc. Ref. 1  My other mc. Ref. 1  My other mc. Ref. 1 
My other mc. Ref. 1





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