Website declaration 20060105

I have had the idea for a website ever since year 2000 when Aros MotorVeterans arranged their museum trip to Germany. This website should among all handle about things I found important for my life. I took over 500 pictures. These I have in my computer since. I have regularly looked at them. I mean. they have changed on my computer screen. In this way I have been updated. Why should pictures be laying on a box. Note also I have personally visited  planned websites about museums

This has now led to make this website about Björn Bellander and what nice things I have done in my life. Ok something annoying too. I started to make headlines. After a while it became quite a lot. Dividing was necessary. Of course things that happened in my active life was of current interest. However I will try to concentrate on such things that feel old for the 2006 generation. I started with the museums. Earlier I had got permission from most of them we visited to use there material we had with us home. It showed up to be quite much. I will work on this website for a long time.

I made a research on the web to see how other people had made webs with this kind of idea. There was none at my age. The oldest I found was about 50. Here I could find pictures from vacations and the like. I was quite lonely. Even if I couldn't do any 100% investigation. Anyway no one dare to make a site telling pleasantly about the author's life. Another thing that I had decided. Everything should be built up by pictures and text together. Text should have my personal image. Nothing like "This is Charlie". I want also bind everything to name and year. Furthermore text should  not have too small text fonts and I don't like to press in too much so you don't know where to look. Text to read have to be put in center and links to the right or left.

My big problem is that I have no experience making nice website layouts. Another  is that in the text when I direct to a country I try to direct to the country at that time. When I made my research I understood that the most important was to have a nice layout, not the content. However I want order, easy to find, certain things always in the same place and so on. Hence it follows that my first sites will change according to my knowledge in Frontpage 2003 will grow. May be also my English will be better.

Then it is to follow my intentions

How do you like my old Ferarri at Karlskoga 1966 as background?

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