Racestart. Picture from video. Ref 1 SSK, MCHK, Cadillac Club
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A website about racing, veteran cars, motorcycles, racing competitions, and memories.

SSK race at Roskilde ring. Click for SSK-serien. Ref 1  Lola 212 (=Sport2000) during assembly. Click for Sports 2000.  Ref 1 Olds Rocket V8. Click for B-Ford 1932. Ref 1 Cadillac Club Visiting the King of Sweden´s garage. Ref 1 

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Here you can see my  activities in motor clubs with pictures, videos and personal text from 84 years.

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One day at Kinnekulle racetrack 1967

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SSK  introducing Sport 2000 in Sweden.

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A modernized  BMW warrier. Click for MC rally. Only in Swedish Ref 1 The Anderstorp boss Sven "Smokey" Åsberg with member in family member in boxcar. Click for boxcars 1978. Ref 16 Click for SSK-story writen by Björn. Ref 1 Click for My Cadillac Eldorado 1970. Ref 1 

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