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Note this museum has been reorganized in the hands of Swedish defense Museums 2008 and moved to city
of Strängnäs. Opened 17/6 2011. My pictures are from Axvalla museum and all vehicles may not be exhibited in
Strängnäs. Search by clicking on picture.
fm/31. Ref 14 strv ikv73 (m/42). Ref 1 strv SII m41. Ref 1 Strv 37. Ref 1
strv m/38. Ref 1 strv S103. Ref 1 strv S103. Ref 1 Leopard 1. Ref 1
Stug III. Ref 1 Churchill Mk III Comet 1. Ref 1 Panther A. Ref 14
strv 74. Ref 1 Marder III. Ref 1 pzkw1. Ref 1 strv 39. Ref 14
Chieftain. Ref 1 T34. Ref 1 Pansarbil m31 (L-180). Ref 1 S103 deminer. Ref 1
strv m/21-m/29. Ref 1 Ranault NC27. Ref 1 Tankett. Ref 1 Goliath. Ref 1
Paddan L170. Ref 1 Axvalla. Ref. 1 Centurion at Hasslehom museum. Ref. 1  

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Updated: 2021-03-26
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Reference. 1: Björn Bellander.
Reference 14: Tankmuseum Axvalla
Reference 15: Hedemora Diesel