Viggen Cockpit. Ref 1
Viggen Cockpit. Ref 1
Visit Robothistorical Museum Arboga 2012
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2012 I made a new visit at Robot historical museum. The museum organizers will preferably open for groups in order to handle guidings. Entrance fee is free but optional. It can be put in a big milkcan. at the entrance. The cause for my visit that a Merling engine was to be shown and started this day. First pictures for this show. Next i should follow the guidance as far as it was interesting. This guidance was primarly in the entrance hall. I wanted to look at the jet engines to get some more pictures. Furthermore I went around and checked for something interesting. They had put up a remembering wall with old photoes from the childhood of the air force. Behind Swedish air force one can find two front persons. Karl Albert Byron Amundsen (KABA) and Henrik Hamilton. These two seem to be mixed with each other in Wikipedia.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
From the beginning we didn't knew what kind of engine it was. It could have been a tank engine.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
But probably it was an air plane engine. But not from an fighter. In that case it would have a much bigger compressor.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
Look at the propeller axle. Here there is a balance wheel from a car engine, just to get som weight. If their had been a propeller, it  woulf be problem with safety.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
Remarably nice exhaust pipes. In original they must have been longer. Silencer "What the hell".
Robot museum. Ref. 1
Startpanel. This kind of engine never starts at once. This one were coughing for some time before all cylinder got their ignition in order.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
Of course we understood that it was an air plane engine. This can also been seen on the frame work. Typical construction.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
This is a double photo. Look at the man holding his ear closed.
Now I show some pictures about Viggen and jet engines.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
Lars Heimersson, my boss when I worked at Kontima constructions. He had flying license earlier. Here he looks inside a Viggen simulator.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
A Jetmotor which show the construction. They had several more from J29 over Viggen and JAS.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
What you can see here is a part of the compressor. This makes up a overpressure for burning chamers. In thiscase it  is a several rotor compressor. The higher pressure the smaller wings. A J29 has only 2 stages and much alike. Comparing for the multi stages engine the diameter is much bigger. This make a thrust which can act as a driving force. A remarkably way.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
Let us look backwards as far as the outlet. What we see here is the driving axle which gives the compressor the rotation power. The black opened box is one of the burners. Here under high pressure kerosene is injected to the right. Compressed air is let inside through holes around the injector. This mixture is burning continuous. There will be a high temperature and large volume increase. This will blow out backwards and gives rotation power for the rotors.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
Picture from a smaller jet engine.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
This engine is mounted in a service module. It is imposing how many srews which is needed. It is a very extensive work how much time it must take to make service.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
One engine for J29 or may be Vampire. One can here see the compressor part to the left.  This part has a much bigger diameter. Then you see the burning chambers which end up infront of the exhaust turbine. The axle in the middle gives rotation power to the compressor.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
A overview picture of a jet engine for SK-60. This type has another type of burning chamber.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
Data for a turbo jet engine. It is probably for A32 Lansen?. Normal thrust is 4500 kp.

The following picturs are from the remembering wall.  There are old time pictures which I have taken photoes of.  All from the childhood of air force. Many of them are bound to the area of Arboga. These pictures describe a time which I fell very interesting. Personally I got in touch with the time.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
For some pictures there are explaining text.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
Info see preceding picture.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
See next picture.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
7-cylinder rotation engine for a Farman school plane. Picture is taken on the ice of Storsjön. von Porat was leader of this air corps.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
7-cylinder Farman school plane at resting area in Stockholm.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
 7-cylinders rotation engine. See next picture.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
Info for previous picture.
Captain Henrik Hamilton. He got flying certificate in France at Breguet. Swedish Air Force bouhgt one of this kind. He was supposed to fly but crashed very often. At last he was badly hurt and got future banned to fly. Instead he was used to build up the Swedish Force. Robot museum. Ref. 1
 Short timeline for Captain Henrik Hamilton.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
Hamilton's plane was always placed here after a chrash.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
It was not the fault of Hamilton to use a bad air plane construction.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
Breguet on it way home.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
Hamilton has landed.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
 Hamilton bought the Breguet.
 Robot museum. Ref. 1
Hamilton has landed.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
 Short timline for Enoch Thulin.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
 Enoch Thulin.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
 Thulin timeline.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
 Short timeline Carl Silow.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
 Air plane fair at Ladugårdsgärde Stockholm 1915. King Gustav V, Hamilton next to the right. To the left in high cylinder is Amundsen. (KABA)
Robot museum. Ref. 1
 Info previous picture. Wikipedia must have mixed these two persons.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
Info about former picture. Declare about KABA and Hamilton. Both have got the same timline. 
Robot museum. Ref. 1
One air plane which is constructed by Fjällbäck at Södertälje Werkstäder. 
Robot museum. Ref. 1
Short history for Lars Fjällbäck. He worked with Cederström as a engineer at Södertälje Werkstäder. He moved with Cederström to Nordisk Aviatik in Stockholm.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
 Short history for Tord K:son Ångström. Cooperated with Enoch Thulin. Constructed the Thulin motorcycle. Son for Knut Ångström, who in turn was son of Anders Ångström who invented the Ångström Measure. What a heritage!!
Robot museum. Ref. 1
Info about next picture. 
Robot museum. Ref. 1
Nieuport. French fighter. 
Tere was on pioneer in Arboga. Carl Richard Nyberg 1858 - 1939. The inventor of blowlamp. This gave him money to try building an airplane. The Fly 1902. Note don't mix him with Carl Nyrop in Landskrona, who worked with Enoch Thulin at the same time. Also with air planes. Robot museum. Ref. 1
Overview for Carl Nyberg.
  Robot museum. Ref. 1
Timeline Carl Nyberg.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
Carl Nyberg.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
 The consturction of the Fly.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
 The fly testing outside Arboga.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
 Photo when testing. See Technical museum Stockholm.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
 The Fly.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
Technical information for the Fly.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
 Nyberg was one of thegenious which made thir names in Sweden in the beginning of 1900.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
 Construction of the steamer for the Fly.
Robot museum. Ref. 1
 Fact about the fly.

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