Avfart Nya Lapphyttan. Ref. 1
Exit road to New Lapphyttan. Ref. 1
Norbergs harness, horse wagons an bilmuseum of military tanks collection.
Pictures actual when visiting at Lapphyttan 2019.
Text and pictures Björn Bellander

Number of pictures 80. The museum is controlled by Myhrbergs Friends
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In the area just outside the lapphyttan just ouside Norberg after the old road to Fagersta there  is a small wagon storage for preservation of horse vehicles and agricultural equipment. Furthermore an overtaken image collection of military tanks from the beginning of the 1920 's. To see this, you can contact Myhrbergs Works society who have keys to the doors of this small museum. The collection belongs to Norberg's work's society. The collection belongs to The archive of Norberg people. It has now been moved here 2017-18 and has replaced the image Museum of Avesta-Norberg (KNJ) railway. Krylbo - Norbergs (KNJ).
Inledning. Ref. 1
Wagon storage. Ref.1
As protection of preserved old horse-drawn vehicles and agricultural implements, etc. a buildning was built in the late 1970 's as a coach house.Her wagons were stored among others things. Riding sledges, agricultural machinery, saddles, harnesses and other horse equipment. Now this collection has now 2017 has now been moved to Lapphyttan.
Okänd utrustning. Ref. 1
The first room as you come into the store shows a lot of equipment for horses. Most of it is unknown equipment for me. There are only names on the equipments. Any additional information along with the equipment are not shown.
 Ref. 1
Veterinärutrusning. Ref. 1
Veterinary equipments. Ref. 1
Vagnsok. Ref. 1
Ok  for bullock. Ref. 1
För att spånna två hästar framför en vagn eller ett släp. Ref. 1
Ok for två bullocks. Ref. 1
Olika seldon och trä/övningshäst. Ref. 1
Different harness for "wooden horse", used for practice. Ref. 1 
Andra seldon. Ref. 1
Other types of harness. Ref. 1 
Dragläder och bärrem. Ref. 1
Clocks for horses. Ref. 1 
Träns av trä. Ref. 1
Special harness with a part of wood. Ref. 1 
Grimma, Deckelgjord med skrakel D6. Ref. 1
 Halterand special harness with a part of wood. Ref. 1
Styrdon för placering i hästens mun. Ref. 1
 Different types for steering the horse, place in the mouth. Ref. 1
Borstar mm. som jag ej känner till. Ref. 1
 Brushes and other things unknown. Ref. 1

Wooden horse for practice and test of saddles. Ref. 1 
Sadel. Ref. 1
Saddles. Ref. 1 
Sadel. Ref. 1
Saddels. Ref. 1 
Olika typer av sadlar. Ref. 1
Different types of saddels. Ref. 1 
Sele. Ref. 1
Sele for horses. Ref. 1 
Sele decker. Sele Lokor. Ref. 1
Seles. Ref. 1
Ok för oxe, sele för oxe. Ref. 1
Ok for bullock and sele for bullock. Ref. 1
Överliggare för oxe. Ref. 1
Overrider for bulock. Ref. 1
Ridsadel. Ref. 1
Riding saddel. Ref. 1
Okor med halvputa, draglänk av trä. Ref. 1
Sele and pushing link of wood. Ref. 1
Huvudlag med skygglappar. Parsele Med draglinor och loka av metall ländstycke och svanskappa
Harnes for horses. Ref. 1
Se föregående bild. Ref. 1
Harnes for horses. Ref. 1
Ring Bossa. Ref. 1
For horses. Ref. 1
Olika typer av spadar. Ref. 1
Different of spades. Ref. 1
Mera spadar. Ref. 1
More spades. Ref. 1
Konstruktion av hjul. Ref. 1
Old time wheel.. Ref. 1
Konstruktion av hjul. Ref. 1
Gear wheel. Ref. 1
Spadar och ljuster. Ref. 1
Spades and fishing equipments. Ref. 1 

Below pictures of wagons from the collection.

Promenadvagn ägd av Norbergs Gruvförvaltning. Ref. 1
Walk wagon once owned by Norberg mine administratoin. Ref. 1
Dockarad. Ref. 1
Wagon once  build by wagon maker Andersson and black smith Bergman on order for Axel Bäckström in Karsbo. Later owners not known.
Promenadvagn. Ref. 1
Walk wagon owner Margareta Nylander, Lilla Heden, Kärrgruvan. Ref. 1
Promenadvagn. Ref. 1
Walk wagon owner Margareta Nylander.
Tidaholmare. Ref. 1
Named "Tidaholmare". Ref. 1
Barnvagn. Ref. 1
Childrens stroller. Ref. 1
Matbehållare för hästen. Ref. 1
Food container for a horse. Should hang under his mouth. Ref. 1
Dockard. Ref. 1
Wagon. Sometimes called a gigg. Once owned by Spännarhytte works. Ref. 1
Isplog. Ref. 1
The patented swivel and adjustable steering plate is an improvement of this ice plow. Through it may plow suspended for cutting of 666, 712, 758, 804, and 850 mm ice block. The feed is about 40 mm entailing the plow can easily be pulled by a horse and cut thus easily under normal
 (cont. next pictyre)
Info Isplog. Ref. 1
walking speed about 20 m per minute af 150 mm notch or roughly 50 times the work that can be done by hand when cutting is 300 mm.
The ice plow thus pays for itself after only a short period of use.
No. 321, 255 mm in depth, provided with steer plate and 6 knives, as typified in the first serving as the track cleaner. Kost Skr 150:-.
Isblock upptagare. Ref. 1
Wagon to bring ice block up from water and transport. Ref. 1
Cariol. Ref. 1
This type of wagon is called a. Once owne by Petter Pers in Spjutsbo. He used it for shoping in Norberg. Ref. 1
Viktoria kaross. Ref. 1
Viktoria cariot. This type was used by leading people. Donated by Norberg mine administration. Ref. 1
Droska. Ref. 1
Called Droska of an early type. Donatred to the musem. Ref. 1
Detalj droska. Ref. 1
Detail of the front wheel uprigt for the Droska. Ref. 1
Aspelindroskan. Ref. 1
Caled Aspelin (name) wagon. Ref.1
This wagon was built for patron Aspelin at Fagersta Bruk, for use when King Oskar II and Queen Sofia visited the Fagersta. At auction after the Aspelin-drawn cab in 1925 was bought by G.B. Kekonlus, Gabriel Holstensson and Alex Alexandersson in Flängan. At an auction in 1941 the drawn cab came in Norberg people society possession.
Nobers 2:da likvagn. Ref. 1
Norbergs second buriel wagon. Ref. 1
Cykel. Ref. 1
Cycle. Ref. 1

Collection of carrier and storage boxes.
On a ledge just below roof the museum has collected up to 70 carrier and storage boxed, mostly used when travelling. Further moser there was a wall with agriculture outfit.

Resväskor och förvaringsboxar. Ref. 1
Carrier and storage boxes. Ref. 1
Resväskor och förvaringsboxar. Ref. 1
Carrier and storage boxes.  Ref. 1
Resväskor och förvaringsboxar. Ref. 1
 Carrier and storage boxes.  Ref. 1
Resväskor och förvaringsboxar. Ref. 1
Carrier and storage boxes.  Ref. 1
Resväskor och förvaringsboxar. Ref. 1
Carrier and storage boxes.  Ref. 1
Resväskor och förvaringsboxar. Ref. 1
Carrier and storage boxes. Ref. 1
Resväskor och förvaringsboxar. Ref. 1
Carrier and storage boxes. Ref. 1
Resväskor och förvaringsboxar. Ref. 1
 Carrier and storage boxes. Ref. 1

Below, more collected images from Wagon storage special exhibition of tanks. This is no longer shown.
The compilation of the below picture material as well as search of textual information has been carried out by the Association Norbegs Folk memory archives and Family society, Norberg and Engelbrekt.
The artwork comes from Gunnar picture collection that is deposited in the Association Norberg's Folk memory archive.

Spaningsvagn Tankett. Ref. 1
Reconnaissance vehicle. This British reconnaissance wagon by Mark Carden-Loyd Mk V and Mk VI (Mk V) was purchased in 2 copies for evaluation in 1931.
Carden Loyd Tankett was a series of British pre-WWII armoured vehicles, the most successful was the Mark VI, the only version built in significant numbers. It became a classic tankett version all over the world, which was licensbuilt in several countries and were the basis for several variants produced. (cont.)
Development. Carden Loyd Tankett came from an idea, as a private project of the brittiksa military engineer and tankstrategist Major Giffard LeQuesne Martel. He built a one-man tank in his garage from different parts and showed it to the war ministry in the mid-1920 's. With the dossier published other companies showed their own interpretations of the idea. One of these was Carden Loyd's Tractors Ltd., a company founded by Sir John Carden and Vivian Loyd.
This was later bought by Vickers-Armstrongs. In addition to the single seated veicle also suggested two seated, which turned out to be a more effective and popular model. Vickers-Armstrong manufactured and marketed vehicles of the latter type worldwide. Regarded as a reconnaissance vehicle and a mobile machine gun installation. Mark VI was the last stage of development of Carden Loyds tanks. This type of tankett was the prototype for later Universial Carrier.
se tankett Axvalla tankmuseum 
Stridsvagn m/21-29. Ref. 1
Spaningsvagn. Ref. 1
Reconnaissance wagon.  Ref. 1
Tanket Jädersbruk 2014. Ref. 1
Tankett. Ref. 1
Later model of Tankett. It hasen English Ford V8 3,6 liter. Photo from myy visit at Jädersbruk days 2014.
 Stridsvagn m/21. Ref. 1
Fighter tank fm m/21. Ref. 1, Ref 49
Fighter tank fm m/21 was in Sweden the first main battle tank. Of the 10 that were purchased, is today only two?, who is remaining in the world. This is original, roadworthy and was last run, 1979 at the tank Museum in Strangnas. History. The trolley is of German design (LK II) but never had time to be ready for action in WWI. The parts were hidden away for the Allied Control Commission. In Versaille peace treaty Germany became forbidden to possess tanks, aircraft and ships heavier than 10000 tonnes. The wagons were purchased secretly and was imported as "tractors and steel plate works". They were assembled at Stockholm Fabric station and Naval Dockyards at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm and received the first name panzer vehicle fm/22 ("fm" for experimental model).
When armored cars began to changed name to tanks in november 1924 at the suggestion of Bertil Burén, head of Sweden's first tank battalion. At the same time when  introducing the new model year, the tanks had actually been bought in 1921. 10 copies were used by Swedish army 1922-1939. In the beginning of the 1930 's were refurbished and modified 5 copies and got the new designation. STRV m/21-29. 3 of the remaining five which were not modified after a few years, colledge became or was used as spare parts for the five renovated. Trolley No. 10 was sent to Germany 1938 to become museum piece, after the request, when Germany were missing their early tanks. It was shipped there in late 1938 and vanished during WWII. 1993 Germany got a new copy, one of the five strv m/21-29, which today are in the Munster tank museum. The only electrical on the tank is electric system. The engine ccould also be started from inside battleroom by hans.
 Lighting and night driving was a street lamp which obtained acetylene gas from a tube at the rear of the Tower. Sew strv 21.
Tankett VI. Ref. 1
Tanket modell VI. Ref. 1
Tankett info Modell VI. Ref. 1
Info Tankett VI. Ref. 1 
Strv fm/31. Ref. 1
In the front strv fm/31 with wheel for speed transport. Ref. 1. Strv fm/31.
Samlign på kaserngården. Ref. 1
Gathering at barrack enclosure. Ref. 1 
På kaserngården. Ref. 1
The barrack enclosure. Ref. 1
Uppställning. Ref. 1
Gathering at barrack enclosure. Ref. 1 
Strv fm/31. Ref. 1
Strv fm/31. Was produce in another 4 copies without wheels. Ref. 1 
Reparationsplan. Ref. 1
Repareing area. Ref. 1 
Övning. Ref. 1
Practice. Ref. 1 
Planering för övning. Ref. 1
Planing time for practice. Ref. 1 
Uppställning före framryckning. Ref. 1
Lining up for attack. Ref. 1 
M/21 under framryckning. Ref. 1
 M/21 driving forwards. Ref. 1
Övergång av vattendrag. Ref. 1
 Driving over water hole. Ref. 1
Efter övergång. Ref. 1
 Afterwards. Ref. 1
Upp ur vattnet. Ref. 1
 Coming out of the water. Ref. 1
Transport. Ref. 1
 Transport. Ref. 1
Dagens övning slut. Ref. 1
 Today's practice over. Ref. 1
Närbild. Ref. 1
Close up picture. Ref. 1
Bild inuti tornet. Ref. 1
 Picture from inside tower. Ref. 1

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