Maya Cunningham med kund. Ref. 1
Maja Cunningham
with customer 2018. Ref. 1
Visit at glas works
Eriks foundry
Driving with car to Swedish glas foundrie area
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Created 190921

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Eriks Foundry 1

Eriks Foundry 2

Work from Eriks Foundry


Technic for glasart

Carlos R. Pebaqué

Oldergaarden glas

Transjö Foundry
About Eriks foundry. It was started 1991 in Eriksmåla by Lars Sö, Maja Cunningham and Simon Holm. Earlier there was a larger factory for glas production. The rests av those building are today emåty. During the first years after 1991 the new foundrt produced only daily used glas products. In later time has the size of glas been enlarged and more designed colored products. Maja has developed a new technic by using sand blowing and creating different design patterns. . The situation at the works 2018 is that Only Maja Cunningham is working. Lars Sö is working againg 2019. Note that my knowledge in glas works is on a low level and my views must be taken for my personal opinion.

Min glassamling 20180903. Ref. 1
My collection 20180903. Ref. 1
From left. Lars Sö, Maria Hilton Loheden, Carlos R. Pebaqué, Maja Cunningham, Maja Cuningham,  Göran Wärff, Maja Cuningham, Carlos R. Pebaqué, Göran Wärff, Lars Sö.
This show is combined with electrical lightning behind the furniture and each art glas has it's own art glas lightning. This lights are coupled to a timer which lit and switch off morning and evening. A very nice system. All art glas has it´s own explanation below.
Lars Sö Eriksmåla. Ref. 1
Lars Sö Erikshyttan.
This glas which is 41 cm high and a diameter of 11 cm can tacke and use the light very good. This because of the glas bottom is inside plan and white colored. The glas is inside colored and this make the light to be spread perfect. This art glas is only signed with "Erikshyttan". Ref. 1.

Maria Hiltpn Grashopper. Ref. 1
Maria Milton Loheden. Oldergaard glas.
Real Graal. Height 26 with wonderfull detailed dragonflises. Bought on action. Bought for control price. Vase is unic and I call it Dragonfly. Produced in Oldergaard glas foundry on island of Öland. One layer graal. Fully signed.

Carlos R Pabeque
Carlos R. Pebaqué.
Carlos produce his art glas at Målerås glas foundry. Exhibition and shop can be found in Gullaskruv near by. Carlos had his own foundry in Gullaskruv before but the building was burned. Many glas artists share a glas oven to save money.  This specific vase is bought at Målerås factory. Carlos use a special way of producing his designs with the name Cara (see link) a technic which he has developed. Carlos R. Pebaqué use strong colors and is painting direct on the glas surface whit a glas stick. This very vase is not so nice because the dimmed color surface. Height 19 cm.
Maja Cunningham Red Sea Dolphin 13. Ref. 1
Maja Cunningham "Red Sea Dolphin 13" 2017.
A wonderful vasewith 28 cm in height and Ø25 cm, inside blasted figures looking like dolphins. The number is 13. The vase is a bit dark red and need strong light to show it´s best. It is easy to shop from Maja as I get caught by her art glases. Note that many of her largere vases hav almost the same form. The difference is only dependiing of how the blown form and the outer design cooperate. Compare with vase "Ocean twelve" bekow. Produced at Erikshyttan. Fully signed.
Maja Cunningham Jazz. Ref. 1
Maja Cunningham "Jazz"
The Pearl among my glas arts is Cunningham´s "Jazz". I bought 2 with the variation which charcterize all hand made arts. One was given to my daughter in Malmö. I have not seen any better of blasted vases from Maja. She has here in order to get the impressing white color made so heavy blasting that it gives mirror reflexion. This gives a deep white color. The colors works together. Expect the ivories there are one saxophone playing musician, one mulatto singer with a microphone. Note the thick glas which may needed for the heavey blasting. This art is a dream. Height 17 cm and Ø20 cm. Maja had also a similar with height 28 cm and I regret that it didn´t went the way to my collection. The difference between other glas artists and Cunningham that she mostly shows a picture. Others normale makes abstract figures.
Mirage by Göran Wärf. Ref. 1
Göran Wärff "Orchid" lilac/amber. 
Through study of art glas for sale and what other glas foundries showed in thier shops, I decided to visist Orrefors and Kosta Boda. In order to have a look what they had for sale, I went first to Orrefors, but found to my desapir that their was no sale shop. Orrefors works was not active. Anyway the local car sales man had imported art goods and called it Orrefors Park. On the modern factory buildings it was written Royal Design. Sorry to say I couldn´t solve the confusion between reality and what internet informed. So I continued to Boda, where Kosta Boda showed their products, which were produced in the nearby community. This vase is a 2:nd range and I didn´t find any visible defects, in my eyes. There was no sign which means that the artist was not satisfied with the work. Color strength can be different on copies. One had to solve among the copies. Height 37 cm.
Maja Cunningham Ocean Twelve. Ref. 1
Maja Cunningham "Ocean twelve" 2018
I bought this model in three copies. One for me personal. The number of figures are 12. From the beginning each of my daughters should get one and of the same value. All this to celibrate my oldest daughter´s 50:th birthday. Although I needed 1+3 but Maja had only 3 ready so one hade to be replaced by a "Jazz" acc. to the one above. No bad choice. These 3 vases had got different number of figures. This is the third of  "Ocean twelve". It is very alike the other two. Only this had an uncolored upper 2 cm edge. Height 32 cm and Ø25 cm. Fully signed. When visited Erkshyttan 191108, I asked if there was possibly to grind a hol in the bottom, in rder to us elictrical cable and suspension. This was not popular.
Carlos R Pebaque. Ref. 1
Carlos R. Pebaqué.
This art glas was chosen from Carlos exhibition i Gullaskruv. The art has no name but is marked with "GT Unik" 2017M. The yellow powder alike inside glas is according to personal real gold in powder form. Height 13 cm. Signed with name and place. With it´s 3 angled surfaces one can get different mirror effects, with the help of lightening. Read about Carlos above.
One thing I have wondered why glas artist have not accepted time marking acc. to gold and silber.
Göran Wärff "Orchid". Ref 1.
Göran Wärff  "Mirage" lilac/brown.
This second vase bought in Kosta Boda glas gallery 2018 is also produced by pupils to Göran Wärf. This one was chosen from different coloured 2:nd range. As good made as the one above. With it´s height of 20 cm it gives a nice impression with suitable lightening. In spite of sign their is a Kosta/Boda glues mark.
Lars Sö Eriksmåla. Ref. 1
Lars Sö Erikshyttan.
This art is with it´s height of 39 cm a variant of my first shown by Lars Sö. He has chosen a color combination of blau/yellow. This gives a nice colored light. It´s bottom is though not enough collored to spread the LED-lamp light. This makes that light points can be seen, this is desturbing. The bottom area is not grounded. One must find the best angle on the rubber ring. As grinding cost money many artist jump over this. Signed "Erikshyttan".
Robert Oldergaard vase of glas named "Twist". Has black with brown lines. Worth 4500:- bought for 2000:-. One layer graal.
Links in Swedish.
Robert Oldergaard.
Robert Oldergaard Oland.
Oldergaard webbsite.
Art glas technics
Hald 1
This vase, named  Fishgraal, produced according the text below, worth 2000:- bought for1500:-, at a Bukowski auction 2018. 2 layer graal. Produced late 1910. Marked Edward Hald Orrefors. Signed Orrefors, Graal, 543M. Height 13 cm. Visible altered by time.
Graal is a glas overdrawn by one of several glas layers. Usually a pattern/picture is etched, or part of color layers are etched in relief, engraved and grounded away. The name is inspired from the mythical vessel Graal. The technic with overlaid glas was alredy known during the anthquity. The technic of Orrefors Graal was notified by glasblow master Knut Bergqvist 1916 who encouraged by Albert Ahlin. This work became a new technic with multi colored etched overlaid glas and invented the type of "between pattern". This was next year by Ahlin christened as Graalglas, inspired by a poem from Gustaf Fröding in the epos of Graal. The artist Simon Gate and later also Edward Hald started to draw pattern for graalglas used in Knut Berqvist new technic. Edward Hald added grounded pattern technic. This became named ground graal. This technic was used by Edvin Öhrström in Arielglas where the patterns are surrounded by air bubbles and hollow contours.
Edward Hald
Hald 2
This vase. Fishgraal, produce acc previous picture and text. Valued 2018 to 3000:-, bought for 1500:-. Signed Orrefors Sweden Graal, nr 1588B, Edward Hald. 2 layer graal.
I worked as a construction engineer at Gustavsberg Porcelain factory during 1950 and 1960 th. during this time Artur Hald, son to Edward Hald, was artistic leader. This is one the cause why I have 2 smaller vases by Edward Hald. Both bought on auction.
Pingvin som figurin. Höjd 16. Ref. 1
Figure of a Penguin. Marked with text hard to read. Guldkrokens Glas foundry Hjo. Height 16 cm. Bought on auction for 300:- valued dto 600:-. 
Glaskonst. Ref. 1.
Glas body formed as an egg. Named as Paper press. Compare with the more common ball type. Height 11 cm. No sign.
Glaskonst. Ref. 1
These two were sold over Herrljunga auction firm for 300:- Both values for 500:-. Height 11 cm. No sign.
Märkning brevpress. Ref. 1
Marking ov the above glas.
Märkning brevpress. Ref. 1
Marking of the above glas. 

Created 190921
Edit 190922


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Orrefors Park
Eriks Foundry
Målerrås glasw.
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Pygme Jazz Band

Robert Oldergarden o Thomas Petersen. Ref. 1
Robert Oldergaarden o Thomas Petersen in info position.
Thomas Petersen utför. Ref. 1
Thomas Petersen
Robert Oldergaard förklarar. Ref. 1
Robert Oldergaard informs.
My collection has now been extended with some other glas arts. It has forced different mixture of glas part arrangements. Today autumn 2019 are there except the main show also a second place. This depends on all those new art glases 2018-2019 through auctions from Herrljunga, Hälsingborg and Bukowski. June 2019 during my glas travel, one art from Eriksmåla, Transjö, Carlos design in Gullaskruv and one Graal from Oldergaard glas Öland island. Erikshyttan has now 3 working artists 2019 and Maja Cunningham..

Min samling 190729. Ref. 1
My first placement collection 20190729. Ref. 1
From left Lars Sö see above, Graal vase from Oldergaard with picture of P51 Mustang, Carlos R. Pebaqué see above, Maja Cunningham see above, letter press bought over auction see above, Maja Cuningham see above, letter press bought over auction see above, Maja Cunningham see above, Lars Sö see above, Göran Wärff see above, Maria Hilton Loheden see above. The only new here is the Oldergaard P51 Mustang.
Oldergaard P51 Mustang. Ref. 1 
Robert Oldergaard
This vase was bought when visiting Oldergaard. My matter was to discuss the way to produce 3 Graalvases which I had ordered. (one "secure" vase also bought) These should get pictures of my and my brothers competition cars during our active time.
During this conversation Robert had to take a telephone call. This showed later  be from Carl XVI Gustav. By natural cause it became quite long and I went around in Robert´s exhibition. On this looking I saw the P51 vase. It was a good example what I wanted with my 3 vases. Furthermore I was impressed of the flying motive. I decided to buy it. The cost was 7300 and I got a 300:- reducing.
When arriving this morning a memorable meeting was made. Out of an Opel a 92 years old Anders Linder went out. Anders Linder på Östra Real 1953-4. Ref. 1
He was the clarinett player in Pygmé Jazz Band during the 1950:th when I went to school dances in the aula at Easter Real School. See picture. I got the oportunity to tell him about my visits there. Because of this Oldergaard Glas is heavy anchored with my art glas from their.

Created 190921
Edit 20190729


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Orrefors Park
Eriks Foundry
Målerrås glasw.
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Pics. Transjö History


Transjö butik. Ref. 1
Transjö glas shop.
Maja Cunningham i högform. Ref. 1
Maja Cunningham.
Lars Sö. Ref. 1
Lars Sö.
Dotter + inköpt skål. Ref. 1
Daughter + bought bowl.

My second placing, with the glases I didn´t get room for in the first. This has been several different placings. Today autumn 2019  is the main placing full and also a second is also active. This depend on all new glas arts during 2018 and 2019. During my glas travel june 2019 wa on added from Eriksmåla, Transjö, Carlso Design, and one graal from Oldergaard glas. Further more I have an order of three from Oldergaard and 2 from Eriksmåla. The foundation for the last 5 was med at Maja Cunningham already summer 2018. I waiting eagerly for these 5.

Min samling 190729. Ref. 1
My second placement collection 20190729. Ref. 1
From left. Fishgraal by Hald see above, Carlos R. Pebaqué see above, Transjö glas, Fish graal by Hald see above, Oldergaard Twist see above, figure of a Penguin see above, bowl Maja Cuningham with Jazz theme, far right Carlos R. Pebaqué Gullaskruv.
Transjö Design. Ref. 1
Jan-Erik Ritzman Transjö.
My first visit at Transjö Glas, resulted in this composition. Here two glas masters have settled. They also take care of pupils in glas for education. The pleasent "trial" man who made his days work in the shop, showed me and explained my questions.
Master Jan-Erik Ritzman and Sven-Åke Carlsson started their art glas production 1982. For the moment they worked in the foundry which for the moment was not available. May be they were free this day. This glas foundry is the smallest around the glas production area and built up beside Lyckeby water stream.
These two are creating since 30 years Transjö Design.
Transjö was once a old village where farmers had settled in 1870.  The advantage was that could Lyckeby stream could be used for power and for this a glas foundry could be raised. The farmers could serve tue glas foundry with wood and other important works which made it possible to produce glas. This old place gives an pastoral view. The main old foundry got a new owner 1947 but laid down 1951.
Here one can find very expensive an even acceptable priceworth art glas which can be good for the temporary visitor.
My art glas is of the homogen and ariel type. priced for 1800:-.
 Carlos R Pabeque. Ref. 1
Carlos R. Pebaqué.
This was the second time I visited Carlos´ exhibitition shop in Gullaskruv. This time his daughter stood there behind the desk.
I started a carefull talk and after a while, in my mobile, I showed her my present collection. Now she offered to call Carlos and ask him to come to his shop to meet me. I ment in a shy manner that I was ju a "nobody" when talking about art glas. Anyway she insisted and Carlos showed up after 15 min. and we had a short nice relaxed talk. The vase I bought belonged to his last design with ancient figures from flagstones. Carlos draw these direct on hot glas with a glas pin. Carlos always use his own technic named Cara. Several artist use this year these figures.
The 24 cm high vase was price 2200 and is typical for Carlos with it´s strong colors and it suits me. See also test above.
Maja Cunningham Jazz Skål. Ref. 1
Maja Cunningham
At the art glas exhibition in Erksmåla, which I now have visited 4 times since 2018. At this shop I found those art glas which affect me most. It is the Maja Cunningham picture pattern Jazz. This is the first Jazz picture achivement. I have earlier bought 2 bowls. I admire them every morning when electric light swich on. Maja has another bowl of this kind,  see down. That one I don´t wish anyone else to own. Maybe I have money 2020 to get it to my collection. The shown bowl was prices for 4000:-, not much for this excellent master piece.
Ljussättningens tillägg med 2 LED lamport teipade på baksidan. Ref. 1
I have added the art light with 2 LED lamps put on the backside with tape. Note the foot of the bowl is cvered with tape to prevent light leakage..

Created 190921
Edit 20191014


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Orrefors Park
Eriks Foundry
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Micke Johans
Transjö Foundry
Bergdala Foundry
Pukeberg glas
Skrufs glas
Carlos Design
Persons glas
Oldergaarden glas
Pics. Transjö History

Pictures when working in a glas foundry.
Disjussion om bilvaser, Ref. 1
Discussion about car vases.
Fetvhing glas from oven. Ref. 1
Getting the first part of melted glas.
Rolling collor. Ref 1
Yet it can be anything.
The oven. Ref. 1
Rolling on color 1. Ref. 1
Rolling on color no 1.
First blow test. Ref. 1
First blow test.
Laying pattern. Ref.1
Preparing pattern.
Rolling on color  no 2. Ref. 1
Rolling on color no 2.
Rolling on pattern. Ref. 1
Rolling on pattern.
Last tvist of glas blade. Ref. 1
Last tvist of a glasleaf.
Lars Sö 191197.
Lars Sö 191107.
Maja Cunningham 191107.
Maja Cunningham 191107.


I had no place left for these art from glas travel 2019 on my surface. I had to rethink. One art was from Eriksmåla, one from Transjö, one Carlos Design in Gullaskruv and one Graal from Oldergaard foundry. Furthermore Oldergaard delivered those 2+2 specially ordered vases and another two bowls will be added from Maja Cunningham late autumn. These will also have picture/pattern of cars. The first idea for these car vases was made summer 2018. I am waiting eagerly for them. The idéa of Oldergaard´s vases are a continuation of Cunningham´s bowls.
In order to make place for these, I placed them temporary on my first placement. I studied IKEA cathalogue, and there I found two tables named "Micke". My old heritaged bureau was moved and excisting arts were moved to the new table, named second placement.

Uppställnignsplats 1 med 2 av de 4 bilvaserna. 20191014. Ref. 1
My collection 1 with the 2 of the 4 car vases. 20191014. Ref. 1
Other vases se above.
Uppställnings plats 1 med de 4 bilvaserna. Ref. 1
My temporary placement one with the 4 car vases 20190914. Ref. 1
From left, Graal vase from Oldergaard with Ferrari 860, picture from Velodrome curve 1966. Picture of  Ford 1932 Roadster built 1959. My brother with Allard K2 1951, picture from Velodrome curve 1966. My brother sitting in Allard K2 1951, picture from pit outlet waiting for placement on start grid. The two right of them are delivered later to my brother Jan i Gustavsberg. When I collected these Oldergaard had made one for secure and he sold it for 3000:- (the third above).
Den nya uppställningsplatsen 2 på IKEA bordet. 2019.  Ref. 1
My collection on the new table. 20191014.
Ref 1.
From left. Carlos R. Pebaqué Gullaskruv, Transjö hytta, Fishgraal by Hald, Oldergaard Twist Graal, Figurin of one Pinguin, Fish graal by Hald, Bowl by Maja Cuningham with Jazz theme, Carlos R. Pebaqué Gullaskruv. Lamp feet Italian design from 1940-th.
My collection on the new tavle 20191109. Ref. 1
My collection on the new table 20191109. Ref 1.
Here the Twist Graal is changed to "Straight Torso" by Lars Sö. Furthermore there are 4 smaller bottles added. Note the exceptional light for the Torso.
(Straight Torso is hard to phot in order to get perfekt straight. Must keep the camera exact horisontell. The name is taken from the building "Turning Torso" in Malmö. This building looks like it is sloping. Perhaps I should name the glas "Leaning Torso").

Placement of the two Race basins. 20200107. Ref. 1
Placement of the two Race basins hanging on the wall. 20200107.
Note that the bssin to the left is shown in my btother's works. See below.

My B-Ford 32 Roadster as a Hot Rod. 1959. Ref. 1
My B-Ford 32 Roadster as a Hot Rod. 1959. Ref. 1
 These 4 Graal vases have got pictures of mine and my brothers competition cars during 1960th. It is a complicated process to transform suitable black and white photoes which need a great number of pixels.
The picture itself  is produced in England. All is a speciality for Oldergaard´s glas.
This 1932 was found and renovated during 1959 and ready made 1960. The car is equipped with a 1954 Oldsmobile V8 Rocket engine. A dropped front beam. Detailed description can be read in this link. Ford 32 Roadster.
All car vases got a special lightening when I rebuilt the light units to be mounted in the vase top. This gave a much better effect. Note that the vase is in a brown/orange nyance. The color is altered by the blue vase behind.
Ljussättningen av bilvaserna. Ref. 1
This Ferrari 857 Monza has had a variable past history and is equipped with a 3 liter 4 cyl engine. The car was found parked on Valhalla street Stockholm near Harald Kronegård car sales. It was bought from Åke Jansson 1965 and a helping by Kronegård. I sold it 1968 to England. Detailed description can be read in this link. Ferrari 857/860 Monza.
The vase picture shows the car racing at Karlskoga and is just taken the velodrom curve during the nostalgi race 1966. Several nostalgi english driver were invited with intresting cars.   The picture had been more complete if the vase was made with a larger "belly" and a more tranparence background color. The vase lightening is the same as above.
My Ferrari 860 Monza in Velodrom curve Karlskoga. 1966. Ref. 1
 My Ferrari 860 Monza in Velodrom curve Karlskoga. 1966. Ref. 1
My brother Jan taking Velodrom curve with Allard K2 Karsloga. 1966. Ref. 1
My brother Jan taking Velodrom curve with Allard K2 Karsloga. 1966. Ref. 1
This is an Allard K2 from 1952. My brother found it ooutside Valle Norrmans car service in Sundbyberg. We bought it together, but the meaning was that Jan should take over. Was rebuilt several times with different engines and gear boxes. Detailed description can be read in this link. Allard K2. 
The picture show the same competition 1966 as with the Ferrari. The picture had been more visible if the vase had got a larger "belly" and a more tranparence background color. The place is the same in Velodrome curve. Se above. This was an extra vase made in case of failure.
The same Allard K2 as above in the same competition 1966. See the Alfa Romeo in the background. Jan sitting in the car is waiting to drive to his grid position. Detailed description can be read in this link. Allard K2.  
The picture had been more complete if the vase had been made with a larger "belly" and a more tranparence background color. The same lightning as the other car vases.
My brother Jan in Allard K2 waiting for start grid.1966. Ref. 1
 My brother Jan in Allard K2 waiting for start grid.1966. Ref. 1
Straight Torso.
"Straight Torso" Lars Sö. Height 85 cm.
Note the fine light on this art.
This is a christmas gift bottle. Height 17 cm 
Variant på "Jazz Bowl".
I have bought another "Jazz Bowl". I envy another person to own it. 191107. The bowl is a bit darker and som variances on the figures.
Basin Race 1. Diam. 47 cm. Ref. 1
Basin Race 1. Diameter 47 cm.
Basin Race 2. Diam 46 cm.
 Basin Race 2. Diameter 46 cm. This plate at my brother Jan's works. Se pic down..
Plate at my btother Jaan's works. Note backside front.
Basin Race 2 at my brother Jan's works. Note backside front. Note also graal vases with his Allard K2.

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