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       Our cars.The 1897 copy. Ref 1

The rebuilt "selfpropelling" carriage from 1897. It is possible to drive.
Original car is preserved
at Technical Museum Stockholm.

The first Swedish car was designed and built at Surahammar in the county of Västmanland in central Sweden. This was in 1897, and the name of the creator was Gustaf Eriksson, a 37 year old engineer employed at the Surahammars Bruks AB. After some persuasions he had succeeded in getting permission from the management to build a "self-propelling" carriage on trail. It was provided  with an internal combustion engine that Eriksson had designed himself, and ran on paraffin (kerosene) since he considered petrol too dangerous. However, a test run in April the following year, with Eriksson himself at the "wheel" and three courageous Surahammars Bruk employers as passengers, was not successful. After the engine had stalled several times, necessitating repeated push-starts, a mill wall happened to get in the way and the car was wrecked.

However, Eriksson was not discouraged. He went on building cars - now fitted with petrol engines. This car is preserved at Technical Museum in Sweden. Subsequently he was transferred to a subsidiary of Surahammars Bruk, Vagnaktiebolaget in Södertälje (VABIS), where series production of cars, lorries and later on buses commenced under his eye. The manufacturing of private cars vas discontinued in 1924, whereas the lorry and bus plant developed into one of the foremost in the world: from 1911 under the company name is Scania-Vabis, and from 1969 Saab-Scania. Read about Scania Vabis Industrial museum.

Eriksson´s second car has been preserved, and nowadays it is one of the most treasured items in the Technical Museum in Stockholm. Another of the early cars is preserved at Scania-Vabis museum in Södertälje.

We also have an VABIS from 1903 built in Södertälje. It is car number seven from a series of seven. The six first, according to rumours and sold to Russia, cars was built for driving on railways, the one at the museum was the only one with tires for driving on the roads. More reliable info about the car can be read in Aros Motorveteran website. This is only i Swedish. Interested must contact

Vabis 1903

Vabis 1903 serieno. 7. Ref 1

Vabis 1903 serieno 7. Ref 1

Vabis 1903 shown by the Aros renovation boys, at the Aerodrome of Johannisberg 20160514 for the first time after the renovation of engine and driving system. Some problems are still left but not of serious matter. One according sparking system which will be made new. At the steering wheel Bo Söderberg. I can promise that the car was rolling nice an silent on the grass without any senilities. This mostly depending on a newly mounted muffler. At switching of engine it gave a loud PHUFF when the crankshaft stopped to rotate. This renovation is May 2019 ready and info about result must interested contact

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