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History of Surahammar MC museum

The museum building is situated at Bruksgatan on the industry side of the railroad. The house is from the beginning an eating place which the company build for there unmarried employees. Just so they could get proper food. Better worker that way. In order not to come in conflict with the staff of officers and employees they built a special room for them with single tables, white tablecloth, with girls doing the service. In this room the club today has its meetings today. This room is also used as eating and price ceremonies, when its raining outside. Those who are interested can see photos from this time. It shows how it looked like in the 50th. This restaurant was open till beginning of 80 th. When the company never bothered anymore and the eating place was closed, the building was laying there empty and lonely. In the beginning of 80 th there were one person Bosse Ericsson, living in Surahammar who had a number of old motorcycles in an attic of an old business house. He wanted to get a better local. Together with Holger Andersson, Lisjö Krom, Stig-Åke Fagerström and some others tried to test the interest in Surahammer and around with an exhibition in the empty locals in the beginning of 80 th. Many person didn't believe in this, but it became a small success. The local government had bought the house from the company Sura Bruk and the idea came up that they Bosse, Holger, Stig-Åke and a few more, could arrange a permanent exhibition there. During this time there were 2 possibilities for the house, some activity or tear it down. Because of all the wall paintings there, Sura government was not keen to tear it down. Therefore the first exhibition and the fact that the motorcycles still were there made it possibly for the government to allow the house in the hands of MCHK Mälardalen. This was established 1985. Jens Persson, with support of Ulf Sahlin, came up with the idea to arrange a market for motorcycle spare parts to get money to pay expenses. Of course many persons never believed in it. But if only one seller was coming they had anyway that money. Then Mats Nordström got the keys to the house and has since then laid his heart in the museum till today. No one of all persons to be forgotten of all members at that time.
Now the time has gone and the museum is filled up with all sorts of motorcycles. The principle is that owners of old motorcycles may put there old mc there and several of them are there for ever.
The club has got the privilege to make place for two cars which are built in Surahammar in the  beginning of 1900. One is a replica.
Facts with the help from Jens Persson.