Clutch plates. Ref. 1
Clutch plates. Ref. 1
Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
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Sura market is active once a year, during week June/July. In the beginning of 1980 some mc enthusiasts in Surahammar  started a market when allowance was given to use the locals in the former lunch restaurant for a mc museum. This market became a success and for the next time a yearly arrangement. At the same time the enthusiasts moved in with their old mc:s and with this made a permanent exhibition. Read about the museum story.
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Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012. Ref. 1
This is how a market sale
stand should look like.
 Spark plug cable, plugs
 of older model, instruktion
books and others.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
...light bulbs, a store of bulbs
with 12 V and 6 volt and
washing sponges made for
us once.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
When not all could be
brought, info was given as
text information.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
Lots of MC-tires in
different dimensions and
Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
One barn has fallen of age
and all lockings and hinges
are taken care of, cleaned
and oiled.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
When you walk around
you may come to the
head entrance for the
actory of Surahammar.
Here it is possible to study
all the different railway
wheel once were
produced. They are still
a large production. The
first type was produced
during one year 1876.
They had a center of teak.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
A close up photo of how
the teak parts are built in.
Read in my webbsite
about factory museum
in Sura. The main model came from England and was used for person wagons.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
The big seller type of
Sura railway wheel.
Developed in

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
A close up view of the
spoke wheel type. It can
still today 2014 be
seen mounted on older
cargo wagons.
Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
A modern type of wheel use
a formed arch. Just like
wheels look like today. All wheels have a wear ring shrinked on using patent of Krupp factory. Iron is from Martin method.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
Cetek had earlier presented
their new battery loader and
the overflow now are on sale
 in markets.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
One seller have time to
eat breakfast.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
Overflow of gearbox wheels.
Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
If a visitor lives nearby and
also don't have a good lock,
it is better to bring the cycle
around with.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
A new modern genarator.
Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
When this outboard engine
first was delivered it became
very popular. But It had
a generator which by time
could not deliver a good
spark and became very hard
to start.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
Farming and milk production
is hard today and often
the production places are
ceased. This happened also
earlier when milk was
delivered to the fetching
place for lorries. After this
the transport wagon was left.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
The question is if this lack of
order make the eventual
buyer willing to chose a
suitable wheel.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
Motorcycles of the badge
Svalan for sale. This mark
was produced in Eskilstuna.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
This is a help engine and may
be a copy of Victoria. But it is
a HMW Fuchs.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
Rebuilding part for making
the rear trunk cover
electrical open.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
An ILO tire destroyer.
Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
Speedometers for mopeds.
Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
Some steel helmets.
Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
Hudraulic pipe for coupling.
Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
The copy of the first car built
in Surahammar is used for
driving visistors around. It is
not equipped with original
engine and instead has a
grass cutter engine driving
 a hydraulic system. The car
 is only god for 3 km/h.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
Many market people make
their visit to look over the
whole area. When doing
this, walking
is made in the middle of
the pathways, throwing
glimpses on both sides.
Stops are made when
something interesting

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
Don't know the name of
these shoes, but must be hard to use

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
Old time of electrical
Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
A motorcycle owner it is
good to own toolings to make
change of tires.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
Different stuff of
electrical parts.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
Engine for Velmo moped,
once produced in Vansbro.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
This is a good paper
salesman. He also buy older copies. From him I have succeeded to buy all numbers of Signalhornet expect the first two years.

Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
Lots of speedometers,
but never just the model I
Veteranmarket Surahammar 2012
Clutch and friction rings.

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