Auburn  boat tail copy. Ref 1
Auburn boat tail copy. Ref 1
Classic Motor Rättvik 2010

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Ref. 1 Björn Bellander
Created 2010
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Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
MG VA was produced 1937 - 39 by MG in Abingdon. Total production 2407 cars. There were three different models. Saloon, Tourer, Drop Head Coupé. MG VA was the smaller model of MG SA och WA. They had 6 cylinder engines. In Sweden there are 10 survivers and in the rest of the world 400. Look in my site about Svedino museum.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
Info about MG VA.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
Steering wheel for VA. Note that there are no spokes in it.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
The instruments have close look to those in Austin after the war. For ex. Austin Atlantic. I bought a mechanical rpm meter in a scrap yard in Örebro and tried to calibrate it for my Ford 32 Roadster Hot Rod.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
One 6 cylinder engine mounted in MGB GT. Info next picture.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
One left hand drive MGB GT. According to info with modified engine and road holding.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
One car of a single kind build from many different marks. These kind of cars never used to be good, but look rather nice.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
The front seat in the home build car.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
Triumph Roadster 47 - 48. When I was interested in this type, they had no prize at all, today very expensive. The problem with these was the gearbox which was too weak. The car is placed in the line for concors dElegance judgment.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
One Cadillac 1962. To note this type are the two fins. One low and one high. The cars were produced in Italy for European delivery. The model had a bad quality reputation. May be those we see today are later import from USA. It is seldom you can see this model with a fully untouch lower fin. The model is the most beautifull.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
One Ford Taunus surviver in good stand. May be one door Concour dÉlegance?
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
Chevrolet 1957. This model was produced only one year.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
It was two brothers, James Ward Packard 1863 -1928 and William Doud Packard 1861 -1923. They realized the possibilities with engines, cars and transports. May be they also saw all horses. They had hard times to succeed with all transports down to channels and harbours. The roads were bad, but if there were horseless wagons it would be easy fixed. Their company was Ohio Packard Electric Company Warren 1900. The brother had not the economical prerequisites. In order to produce a car they bought a concurrent with the name Winton Stanhope who were driving around in the neighbourhood. Now they only had to produce a better one. Of course it became much alike Wintons car with all updates. The Packard production turned to luxury cars. The shown car is a standard model.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
Chevrolet 58 - 59 was a very popular model among collectors and up date people, that's why not so cheap to buy. This is a 58.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
A carefully renovated engine room in a Volvo Amazon. The owner had discussed with a Volvo specialist in order to control that all was according to original. See next picture.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
Here it is checked that all is ok and original by the specialist. Usually they don't say any negative when owners always are sure of everything.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
Oktober 1948 the first Opel Kapitän was deliverd after the war. It was equiped with a 6 cylinder engine and sold only as sedan models. The car was based on 1939 version. The main differences were round headlights as a difference from the hexgonal types. from May 1950 the gear lever was moved from the floor to the steering column. The first after war cars could reach 100 in 29 sek. The petrol consumption was 1.3 litrs/10 km. Up to February 1951 3031 were produced. Here in the line up for judgement. Sorry to say are that the judges know more about American cars and this car has no chance to be placed high up.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
Plymouth 1940. Amerika stopped to produce private cars 1942 because of war. Here 1940 coupé model. I don't like these judge competitions when a car is not American produced and from late 40 th. They have no chance.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
Ford Country. These types of cars were designed in the end of 40 th. The car factories could not get any steel plate and the went over to wood. A short time it was poplar because of the new image. But soon people realizen that wood was no good.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
Stoewer was a company living between 1858 and 1945. In the beginning they produced sewing machinses and cycles. 1896 the production was divided into different factories. The main factory took care of cars. This factory was placed in Stettin on the Polish border. During the war cars were only produced for Wehrmacht, among them a 4 wheel drive open car with steering on all wheels. A copy alike was also produced by Mercedes. It was made in over 10000 copies. 1931 they had a model with only front wheel drive. The factory survived the war without bombing. This made that everything was moved to Russia after the war. The car on the picture is from ca 1910 and has the model id LT4.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
I found that the Stoewer's owner was a distinguished gentleman in perfect clothes and shoes. His shoes were very nice when resting on the pedals. I tried to photo them but he didn't like it and moved away. The Stoewer production was reduced very much 1930 because of depression.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
One Chevrolet Bel Air 1954. One of the luxury models which also got the first V8.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
Austin Healey Sprite from 1960-62. I owned a MG midget which looked just alike but another front. It was a wonderful pleasent car for a young boy. Furthermore it had good roadholding from the beginning. With my minor trimmed engine I could run over Volvo PV Sport on Skarpnäck race field.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
Bentley 3,5 liter Coupé 1935. 1931 Bentley was bought by RollsRoyce after that the production of the 8 litres model. It was produced in 100 copies just to get FIA allowed. W.O. Bentley was not allowed to lead the bentley factory and instead went over to Lagonda. The car on the picture is from 1935 and has a detachable top.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
Drivers place in the Bentley.
Classic Motor 10. Ref. 1
View from behind of the Bentley 3.5.

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