Free ticket for cruising. Ref 1
Free ticket for cruising. Ref 1
Wheels & Wings Varberg 2009
Cruising evening
Text and pictures Björn Bellander 48 pictures
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Ref. 1 Björn Bellander
Created 2009
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Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Cadillac 1961/62
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
One of the renovated DeSotos. Sure been on the market area.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
One Buick with many options. The cruising was around driving and when turning back they were judge if allowed to continue and also if the passengers were sober enough. This Buick I am sure to be ok.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
It was a big day for all pensioners living in town. They brought something to sit on and then placed beside the cruising way. They had a cooling effect on the car people. They dreamed away back to their youth.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
The organizer had along the cruising road some cruising hosts.They could calm down the participants if they were to loud.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
One cruising host. He had a nice night during his work.

Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
One Chevy with rear end engine. Very rare. It was such a bewitching night which only happens once a year. 20° warm late in the night.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Participants could gather and discuss their questions. I was in Stockholm on an August cruising where they had krebs party on the sidewalk.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
The inhabitans along the living houses could sit on their balconies and drink their evening coffee. This must be the first time something else were more intersting than TV. Sometimes it was to loud noise level for ashort time.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Here the in sight cover is disappeared in order to see better.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
The so called free youth, which in many cases not were so young could act as they were on vacation on Canarian Islands.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
It is fully safe to act in this situation sitting in their Pontiac Parisienne. Sorry for the cab stand, which lost it's precision. We the spectators thought it was nice. Look at the birth band over her hand wrist. That is the same every new birth child get as id. It is the entrance ticket for cruising.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Some had really nice newer cars. Is it a Viper, not a Mustang? The nice thing with this cruising was that the participant made tableaus so we had something to comment. But the girls in the former Pontiac had a good time. If not head ache desturbed them the next day.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Chevy BelAir with super low profile tires.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Those who had the most party were the left over hot rod teenagers. They were normally 35. They are god to make their car to roll.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
To meet a motor hearse as a beer car with the decal "dead body lives" in the rear screen is quite astonishing.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
A nice blond behind the steering wheel in a Cadillac motor hearse. This was in a good stand (car).
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Sorry a bit indistinctly when the camera caught the boy instead, but the tableau was amusing.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Another Mustang and the faces view show some envy.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Hot Rod cars are good running but get only minor interest. They will not be peoples choice of the cruising.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Many spectators found it pleasant to run out on the street in order to talk to a mate. Here one in the Mustang Mach. We could not do that. I am so eeeenvyy....
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Now there is a really Viper. I would like such a car. Pity to drive in 3 km/h.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Older American have always trouble with cooling. How did they manage in the desert. Bad heating always end up with petrol boiling and air in pump and carburettor, then it starts to bang and bad ignition.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
The man who made the video from this Wheel & Wings.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
It must be great care to always have a beer. Always carried by the one not driving.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Another picture of the HotRod box car.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
To place a fat back on the door window is not accepted by the traffic lobby, but when driven 3 km/h it cant be any harm. Another thing is having such a thin wallet that it is not lost.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
No problem for air. Cannot be kept in trousers.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
 Don't belong to the buss traffic. Instead limousinservice.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
 Seen before this HotRod on the way back. Note windscreen. A popular model.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
One Volvo 142/44 rebuild to a cab. With these cars you must, if not something else, weld the doors for stability of the body.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
After some hours it became darker. The light were swith on and it bacame a new type of cruising.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Driving a cruising with the worst type of compressor in a Ford 1937 is hard. I saw this car only once.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Ford 1937 Slant Back.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Now it is really dark and batteries start to end up. Low engine rpm and no charging, to hot engine it is hard to restart. But lucky enought it was always one that had starthelp device.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
One outstanding Cadillac with much beer in the compartment. Now bottles were fetch when rolling slow.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
More beer.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Very nice in the darkness.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Here someone gets starthelp.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Here a member from the cruising gang working to get the car to start.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
The young cildren have learned all kind of finger talks, the cap placed sloping and making faces In the surroundings and among theri mates it is all right.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
The gang in the cars are close together and always positive attitude for the spectators. No one is angry and all want to be photographed waving happily.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
The oldest and also oldest co driver and children. To drive a T.Ford demand much pedal work in a que. The rims are not Ford and look more like Volvo 1928.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
A NSU also for water. Perhap one of few still working in Sweden. Soon placed on museum. may be the one in movie Gota Chanel 3.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Think that the youngster must use their smart phones even in this situation. Curious that youngsters always run their smart phones? Funny.When getting grown up to start work they don't have any knowledge.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
Chevy Impala. A grown up family with loans, a villa and children with root in the 50 and 60 th.
Wheels Wings 09. Ref. 1
To be a girl and searching for lift, then they can't wear high heels. They must slid nicely into the chosen car.

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