Entrance ticket. Ref 1
Entrance ticket. Ref 1
Classic Motor market Rättvik 2009
Text and pictures Björn Bellander
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Ref. 1 Björn Bellander
Created 2009
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Marknet people. Ref 1

Extra options. Ref 1

Puch Monza middle of 80 th. Ref 1

Aluminum heads. May be Buick. Ref 1

Packard 38?. Ref 1

En Stutz from late or beginning of 30 th. Ref 1

Ford Prefect 1952-53. Ref 1

Extra options. Ref 1

Extra options. ref 1

Svalette moped. Ref 1

Three carburettor inlet with Stromberg. Ref 1

Ford coupé 33 or 34. Ref 1

Chrysler cab 300 C or D. Ref 1

Ford Cab beginning of 60th. Fire has destoryed it. Ref. 1

Classic Motor organize a market every year together with Classic motor week on the horse race track in Rättvik.
This is may be the best market in Sweden according to the engine and car parts for the hobby. Normally it used to be excess cheap entertainments and T-shirts.
The market area is also so large that quite many reseller can get a god place. The customer which normally stay in Rättvik for a week are of course a secure buyers for the seller, furthermore Dalarna is known to have many veteran cars and of this follow even big supply of parts.
If they want a special car, just walk out into the forest and cut some trees and then having money for their dream car. This is the for inhabitants in Dalarna. Furthermore there are many skilful people to renovate, not only in Vikarbyn.
Often the prize level is far too high on larger markets in Sweden, specially at Power meet in Västerås. But look at the prize for the moped 5500:- Skr. Not at all to high.
Look also at the moped Svalan Svalette for 3200:- Skr including original front fork. In order to buy a direct imported American car may be doubtful in many cases. Those which were for sale would cost more than an already renovated car. Look at the inlet with three carburettor head.
I had alike on my B-Ford roadster and Olds Rocket engine from 1954. This car stood one winter and then was frozen. The both aluminum heads could be for a Buick V8, but not the Al V8  engine which is much lesser.
The Packard Coupé was shown to be judging.
Read for a while ago about Martin Strömberg, when he change and bought one American diplomat's car, a Packard fully open. He froze in it for one year in the 40 th before he bought a Packard Clipper 1947.
One rebuilt Ford 33-34 with modern wheels uprights and a suitable V8.
May be the small Chevy, or Ford 289, are nice car to own.
The very rare Stutz 2 door coupé is only handsome up to the windscreen. This mark was in the same family and prize as  some Duesenberg, Cadillac, Cord, Pierless, Pierce Arrow, Packard and may be several more luxury cars in the 30 th. The Chrysler with open engine hood is a 300 D or E. This car is often present. I saw it also at Wheels & Wings. It is a winner car, but the owner is boring when talking with the speaker. He has not learned to speak in the microphone. Hoping that the owner brings a less shy representative. It was awkward.
The Ford Prefect which was for sale loaded on the trailer is a typical car which some pensioner buys. A car like this was popular among working people in Sweden in the beginning of 50th.
There were two car which had been on fire. One was a Ford Cab. Wonder how this can happen?

  Collected market pictures 36 pictures

Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 The entrance ticket was formed as a lottery ticket. I could win petrol.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
Market visitors.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
Selling of extra options.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
This type of visitor never used to buy anything. I am just the same person.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
This is a seller for gearboxes in dragster cars. They ar usually 2 or 3 geared. They are very quick to change. Look at the salesman. He has only serious parts and are used to get paid.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Another picture of the gearbox.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Old handles.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Plate pictures for the walls in your garage.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Pictures to be placed on your outer roof.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 A moped I don't know anything about
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Puch Monze for a fair prize.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Svalette moped from 1954 - 55.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 This salesman is a good one with good parts.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Special exhaust muffler for those trimming people.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Those who have many buyers are those who have clothes.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Shop manuals 900:- och 2000:-.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Good things when filling oil.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 There are many kinds of lamps.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 There are more hub-caps than cars.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Newly produced spinners and rear lamps.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Another salesman for rear lamp covers.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Reg idplates of old types.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 You can order a car direct from USA.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Lots of model cars are sold.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Diesel engine and 4 wheels drive.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Searching rubber lists look for Örebro Agentur.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Old bier bottles are popular.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Plenty of place on the race track.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 You can still buy old reg numbers.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 There were many visitors coming all day long.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 New al heads.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Old model cars.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 There are plenty of chromed parts.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 More of the same things from the former picture.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Parts for the bumbers.
Rättvik market 09. Ref. 1
 Inlet from Edelbrock.





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