Dyna Panhard engine. Ref 1
Dyna Panhard engine. Ref 1
Suramarket 2008
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Ref. 1 Björn Bellander
Skapad 2008
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Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
MCHK Mälardalen is a motorcycle club. The market is specialized for these parts. Sometimes we wonder, looking what sort of parts are for sale. How can they gather so many odd parts.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Responsible for the market was Sten Axelsson. He is the owner of an old Humber MC from beginning of 1920. It is complete unrestored.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Parts for mopeds are very common today. Carburettors has a good prize and are often for sale. It is hard to find anyone in good condition as inside parts often are missing.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Speedometers are common for Japanese models. I recognized specially meters for Yamaha. I searach for a meter for Triumph and don't see the on lying just in front of my nose. One with original look. My eyes wanted to see a Smith meter which usually has black background. I met later this day the former owner of my BSA from Hofors. He looked at my BSA. He had bought the meter. Funny.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
The most parts of the market are for common people. Those who are mc owners only say litter. MC owner just buy scrap. Here someone has found something interesting.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
One gets a better feeling if touching the part. It will give information about what it is. Sometimes it is nice to smell.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
One can see on the high interest that it will be a bargain. A struggle between all thoughts in head is in full progress. The both well polished shells are common objects to place on tables. The seller to the right, you see it on his wrinkled shirt. They are normally sleeping in there house wagon and works till they are sweaty. Sometimes there is raining also.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Why not buy an old ADDO counter. It will only count plus or minus depending on the rotating direction. Making 10 rounds you have multiplied with 10.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
A carbide lamp is interesting and why not a Yamaha speedometer. Carbide generated gas during the war to use in engines. Possible it can be good for environment. The gas was poisened.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Everything can be sold using the name Nostalgi. Even old CoaCola bottles which are unopened. They seem to have leaked oxygen or maybe refilled with coloured water. But as wine bottles they cost money, but if you have one unopened is is only vinegar smell left.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Selling strawberries are made by determined guys. They cannot keep what's become left the next day. They are fighting for the best selling places.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Older ladies are often out looking at markets. Here I have succeeded to photo the Dyna Panhards couple. This car is parked on the special car parking.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Kurt Axelsson a guy from Virsbo. He and his mate Owe were here to sell one B18 Volvo engine. They had mounted it on a trailer in order to be able to start. If you really want a client, this is a good trading trick. They had several bids and went home with an empty trailer.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Owe Wåhlander is also froom Virsbo. He is going to move for Fagersta and must get rid of many things in basement.

Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
China is popular for older ladies. This plate rack including plates. The rack is included in prize. The plates are interesting with motive from Sigtuna closter ruin.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Oh well it had to be inspected and touched. One handpainted picture of Sigtuna closter ruin on the plate must be inspected. Can be hangin on the wall as a painting.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Several families have their children with. A good opportunity when beeing tired walking with childerns carriage. One eye always checks that the order is right. The nipple often falls out.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
On one trailer a military mc was loaded. It looked good. 16000 for this mc together with everything around. The MC was a Monark equipped with JAWA engine.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
 It was also registered for road driving. My feelings for Jawa engines when making military service is negative and it is deeply rooted.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1

Old MC:s and 98 cc frames were stored on row. May be it is interest for them, but I am not.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
If you don't have children the dog must come. This is more work, as you must keep the dog very strictly. Difficult to stop bargain. This is a wellknown fact all sailsmen know.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
There were lots of odd mixtures. Look here a pair of old driving indicator and coffee bottles. You cannot mix with the indicator. Stupid commentary.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Here I had to stop. Two very alike, mother and daughter of course. The father stood besides and could not be caught. Anyway they smiled happily and I grab the opportunity
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Those from former picture had a trailer with one Volvo engine and some bottles of liquefield petroleum gas on their trailer.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
More odd mixtures. Accordion and cutting machines.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
One of the market founders, Fagerström has many things stored in his basement. He is older now and is selling some of it every year. Here one Norton gearbox for 1500:- Skr.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Besides this cute girl sat. She surely succeeded to sell everything she had. For the moment one grinder for 25:- Skr. This is market prize!
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
The celebrities from the club are interesting photoobjects. Here Rolf Sundberg. He has dealt with mc:s all his life and started already in the 40th. Not many can hit him with knowledge.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
..and look at this. This fish is mounted as a lamp. Typically from 1950 th. It might cost some crowns more today but is well worth the prize. Earth connected contact may be good.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Toy MC:s of steel plates were normally produced in Germany by several companies. Very search for by collectors but often have a high prize.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
This table with copies of MC:s and other things were made before war as toys. Today very sought for by collectors. Often in bad state, but high prized anyway.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Another club celebrity is hurrying through the market during the cruising. Mats always in a hurry.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Some mopeds are always sold on a motor market. Many are used as spares for the buyers moped.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Pay for this??
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
This MC look interesting. No information of the badge, but engine was JAP. Sometimes findings like this are false and put together by overflow parts.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
This is the biggest moped carburettor I found. This Mikuna must have a trimmed moped. Often moped with over 100 cc engines furthermore is trimmed. Then this carburettor is needed.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Monarped scooter is search for. 6000:- Skr. Work to get it running may cost 10000:- Skr depending on level. Otherwise one Puch Alabama is the ultimate bargain.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Probably a moped frame including engine. It is offered in parts.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
During the day it was nice and warm. The sun warmed against the dark clouds. This made the ice cream selling good.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Walking around a market always make the visitors hungry.When sausage selling is not present one can eat some better food. Bread with egg and cheese are sold for a moderate prize. They are wellknown by all visitors this market.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
When coming up to the opening one takes everything including coffee and lemonade. All for a fair prize.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Cannot resist to show engine room of Dyna Panhard on the special car parking. Picture here shows the two air cold cylinders with it's small fan in front. I am sure it is a variant of the famous 2CV engine.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Behind the carburettor you can see the cross over plate spring which on the same time works as upper link arm.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Id sign for DynaPanhard.
Sura Market 2008. Ref. 1
Well now, I am going home. Some people must have their own design. It must have been better to have wheel covers when raining and an old military helmet can't be good. Everythign are carefully made to act as intermediary for people around.

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