One  A-Ford. Ref 1
One A-Ford. Ref 1
Eskilstuna market 2008 Cars
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Ref. 1 Björn Bellander
Created 2008
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Eskilstuna market 08. Ref. 1
Chevrolet Touring 1927. This Chevrolet has according to seller only 2 owners since new and was in good order. Electrical system must be bad as a mc battery was moounted for demo starting. I saw an ad in Nostalgia that prize was 119000:-
Eskilstuna market 08. Ref. 1
Here is a picture of the engine. Look at the exhaust pipe. Probably there has been a coupé heater connected to this place. Chevrolet from these years had a low mounted camshaft and what was not common the overhead valves. That's why the long pushrods. The valves were lubricated by a felt laying on the rockers. This felt took oil from the oil mist. There were no oil pump. The push rod are free.
Eskilstuna market 08. Ref. 1
One Ford 1949 Club Coupé. V8 side valve 100 ps. Ford had this engine up to 1953 and every year a slight higher ps. It was only Mercury which had 110 ps.
Eskilstuna market 08. Ref. 1
This kind of car is not cheap. 153000. Not bad. On markets prizes are always too high.
Eskilstuna market 08. Ref. 1
At the parking area among 100:s of other cars I found this Aero Minor. This is a Czech car with 2-stroke engine in front drive axle. This was an used car. I saw the owner started and rive home. A rare and very interesting car.
Eskilstuna market 08. Ref. 1
One small Austin Seven. The Ford for the England. This car gave all special built car it's engine. They were used for hill climb and other competitions. Colin Chapman used a Seven for his first home built car. Was put together in his parents garage. Austin Seven sold licenses to many manyfacturers for instance BMW. The engine had only 2 main layers. The effect was low. Compare with Nimbus which also started with this engine. The car was often used as Taxi in London. Look in the museum Motor-Technica in
Eskilstuna market 08. Ref. 1
A-Ford. Probably 1928 or -29. Hard to say if not specialist. Today it is modern to drive with this type in original stand, not even painted.
Eskilstuna market 08. Ref. 1
Chevrolet 1937. The volume car for that time. Normally with a 6 cylinder engine.
Eskilstuna market 08. Ref. 1
Volvo PV60. Equipped with the small V8 from Chevrolet. This is nice updated cars equipped also with modern front and rear ends. The way is to build veiled not to be seen. The owners cannot leave to lower the car. It gives a cooler view.
Eskilstuna market 08. Ref. 1
Dodge Coronet 1949. Direct imported 1950. It was still side valves i America. Chrysler concern kept it for a long time. The cause was that car bodies were a limosuine. This could not go on. Then came the V8 with sperical combustion room. The Dodge Red Ram was the first type.
Eskilstuna market 08. Ref. 1
Some deeper info about Dodge Coronet 1949.
Eskilstuna market 08. Ref. 1
Here you see what I mean with original A-Ford 1928. It is painted 26 on the door.
Eskilstuna market 08. Ref. 1
Ford Junior Cab one rare oredered 1933 - 34. The grill show the year.
Eskilstuna market 08. Ref. 1
In the hangar was there an Aston Martin. Sometimes I don't like these hard renovated super cars from 1936. This is not so nice. This model is named Ulster.
Eskilstuna market 08. Ref. 1
More Aston Martin Ulster. 2 copies petrol pumps may not be needed, but are mounted anyway. May be to keep pressure in the curves.
Eskilstuna market 08. Ref. 1
Info about Aston Martin Ulster. 150 km/tim at this time could only be driven on a race track.
Eskilstuna market 08. Ref. 1
One Ford from the time before the well known T. Look also in Torsongs museum.
Eskilstuna market 08. Ref. 1
A nice Austin Seven. It is funny with these old cars beeing so good looking so they lost their history. It is hard to daydream their story. Compare other Sevens.
Eskilstuna market 08. Ref. 1
One Chevrolet Open Tourer from later years or 1927. This with 6 cylinder engine and carefully renovated. Look at the typical lines they had when withoout side windows. This is called Roadster model.

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