Searching for parts. Ref 1
Searching for parts. Ref 1
Veteran market Surahammar 2007
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Sura market 07. Ref. 1
All markets are started with that lots of signs are made. The most important is parking for veteran mc. The heart of the club. Here Leif Bergerin in an arranged picture in front of former brother Slut's old tractor.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
This year rain started on Saturday during our preparations. Those who didn't have any rain cover became wet. The photograph who watched the entrance to the museum withdraw in order to be able to take some dry pictures. The rain stopped in the evening. It became a long que in front of the museum toilets as those in the market area were not delivered until 17.00.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
To be a market salesman is a hard life. Several are driving around during the summer just as other people are going for vacations. Possible is that the costs are payed from what they sell. It might be very humidly in the transporter when raining. The disorder in the buss shows how many markets been visited.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
This year it was decided to sell all old JAWA mc-parts. They have been stored in the museum since many years. Gert Rask was the leader of this project. Those parts best sold were chains and wheel tubes. Everything were not sold like simple one of a kind tools.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
Stig Panko, had 2 MC:s for sale. One BSA and Matchless. Both in good condition.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
The eyes of the childring are looking most glad. Here a father has stopped beside some hobby engines. Over the boy's head it was established that there are not children who are the most destroyers.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
From the beginning MCHK Mälardalen had most cross and enduro members. The cross driver often change his plastic covers as common as other changes under pants.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
Moped parts are taken over more and more today. But this year it was not so much of this. Moped-Kraft from Dalarna always have a large table with many interesting parts. For Zündapp it is not so many.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
I was searching for BSA-Lightning engine parts. Just to keep on my shell. One well known Norwegian "Kolle" had quit many engine parts as used blocks and cylinder heads and others. Of course some very doubtful. One learn soon what prizes things have. This is learned the hard way.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
On rear end of a buss, wher one normally can store a scooter or mc where there three Albin boat engines. All wth the same casting number in spite of different years. The only which is changed are the reversing gear.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
It is funny to take photoes of all customer looking in boxes. After a while one hand is taken out a part, study it and the put it back.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
Look here, it could be something but perhaps some small detail is wrong. Those who buy used parts are very careful, specially if one have reach a certain age and is not in a hurry to get the veteran cycle ready.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
There are different types of people. Here are those grown on burgers. Before it were many more. Perhaps we eat more good food, except on vacation and when childern shout.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
Among people this Superman was photoed, while mother and father were bargained how much to pay. Even a Superman can be turned outwards.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
At about 10:30 Club 2000 rolled in with there cars and parked in Apfel park. Here some pictures. Here one Ford Fairline 1955-56.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
Ford Crestline? 500 XL. It was used by police in America although equipped with an extra stronger V8 engine. A popular car among Swedish boys.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
One Mustang Coupé. Year is hard to say when they were sold several years with minor changes.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
On the veteran parking area I saw a Ford Customline 1951. It is known by one buld in the front. Just like Studebaker had. 1952 Ford had two bulbs. At this time the windscreen was not curved on the standard cars. Only plain windscreens. That's why it is divided in two parts. The plan glas. Then the wiper drive was working by vacuum.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
An old Opel Olympia from about 1946 or 47, but probably 1939. They were good cars. Note the flea sprider, which were popular in the beginning of 1950. A typical product which none were glad for. The question is if it is allowed today.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
Among all MC:s I caught this BMW with a sidewagon with unusual front spring system.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
This very nice Moto Guzzi was of course notable.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
Harley Davidsson.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
One handicap moped with Villers engine 125?. For sale. Produced by R Nordberg.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
Royal Enfield
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
I looked at this one and thought. I must remember this mark. May be a Diamant but it looked more like a Jawa 250?.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
One HD with nice patina. To run without front protection over wheel is perhaps to go to far.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
One Ariel Squire 1932 in excellent condition.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
This AJS was friend to the near by HD. Next picture.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
The owner of this HD was a nice guy. We talked for a while. I didn't dare to discuss his HD. Instead some words about the mate's AJS.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
A close up picture of the 4 cylinder engine with two crankshafts. Wonder why not make a V engine instead.
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
One well renovated warrior?
Sura market 07. Ref. 1
The Eriksson copy of his forst car 1896.

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