Museum entrance. Ref. 1
Museum entrance. Ref. 1

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The English car marks from the time when they were common in Sweden together with German cars. Of course the most well known were Jaguar and Daimler to be shown. The English cars for the people like Austin and Morris, which later became BMC have interest from a much younger visitors.
Daimler, Morris Minor, Mini MG, Jaguar E-Type, Metropolitan, BMC Sportvagnar,
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Info Daimler. Ref. 1
Info Daimler. Ref. 1


Daimler V12

Damler V12. Ref. 1
Damler V12. Ref. 1

Daimler was from the beginning a German mark. It was introduced to England when Fredrick Simms met Gottlieb Daimler in Germany 1890.

They made an agreement that Simms should import one Daimler Engine. The car that was built in England got a well known sign in the upper end of it's cooler, during all years.

Total part of the roof for this car could be taken away or only the quarter rear part. This was done with the help of a lifting device.

The licenses were sold to Rover. The car had rear drive by chains and these had to be dismantled every other day to be cocked in a mixture of tallow and graphite.

This was a dirty job and very long-winded. From 1905 to 1953. Daimler was the mark for the English Royal Family.

The Swedish Royal Family has in their garage 2 Daimler cars. One of them has a double rear seat made to get room for the Queen's party gown.


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Morris Minor


Morris Minor

Alec Issigonis

Morris Minor. Ref. 1
Morris Minor. Ref. 1
Alec Issigonis

In England he was called "The Greek God". Alec was born 1906. His father was a Greek marine engineer. He became English citizens during the Turkish - Greek war 1922.

The family was evacuated during this period to Malta together with other English citizens from the place where they lived, island Smyrna. Later Turkish area.

His father died 1922 at Malta and his mother who was descended from Bavaria in the not yet united Germany.

I England Alec educated at Battersea Polytechnic. He continued at other education places. He travelled much. His first job was at Edward Gillet when 22 years old.

Here they were designing a new automatic gearbox. It was some kind of preselector gearbox. He worked also much with front end constructions which he used later in life.

Then he got job at Humber. They were interested in the work with the gearbox. Here he also worked much with front end constructions.

Then he moved to Morris design team 1936 and work with this car independent front end. It was here the car with the very well known name Morris Minor was designed. This car was produced from 1948 to 1971.

He was involved in a project called Mosquito. They experimented with glued tree and aluminum.

With this knowledge the famous night fighter and reconnaissance Mosquito plane was built. It flew also over to Sweden and Gothenburg to catch up ball bearings.

The war stopped all developments on the private market. Alec was involved much in car racing and built together with George Dawson a car for the 750 cc formula, called the Lightweight Special.

With this they experimented much with independent wheel suspension and front end drive.

Together with Alex Moulton he also developed a new type of hydrolastic spring system. Alec and Moulton used this construction for the BMC 1100 and 1800.

Any new car was never produced at Alvis as cost became to bid. Alvis was more a military deliverer, just as today.

1955 Alec was enrolled to BMC in order to construct a petrol stingy car. It was from these ideas it become "The Mini". His idea was to put the engine athwart. The cooler on the left side with reversed air flow.

The demand from the border for him was to use an original existing engine. He chose the well known A-engine. The gearbox was situated inside the oil pan and drive was on the front wheels.

The spring system was done very simple with a rubber bellow. This was Moulton´s design. The car became very compact. The development from start to first shown car 1959 took only three years.

Alec was dubbed a knight by the queen 1969 and was now addressed as Sir Alec. He withdrew from industry 1971. Sir Issigonis died 1988.

Totally 5.3 million Mini cars were built. It was this car that BMC Sweden put in the hands of Picko, in order to be made popular.

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BMC cars

BMC bilar. Ref.1
Info BMC cars. Ref.1


BMC bilar. Ref. 1
BMC bilar. Ref. 1
Some of the models which came out of Alec Issigonis constructions. BMC 1100 and MG 1100-1300.

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Jaguar XK 140



Jaguar XK

Jaguar XK story

Jaguar XK 140. Ref. 1
 Jaguar XK 140. Ref. 1

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Austin Metropolitan


Austin Metropolitan

Nash Metropolitan




Austin Metropolitan. Ref. 1
Austin Metropolitan. Ref. 1
Austin Metropolitan. Ref. 1
Austin Metropolitan. Ref. 1
About Austin Metropolitan

In the beginning of 50th Nash was in contact with the English sportcar producer Donald Healey when he travelled by boat over to Europe.

Donald Healey had been in USA to buy Cadillac engines for his sport cars, but GM had refused to sell.

Now a cooperation was established with Nash to use their 6 cylinder engine, front and rear axles.

This 6 cylinder engine became for sure later the main construction for the Austin Healey 6 cylinder model in the middle of 1960.

The Nash Healey became after 2 years work a nice car with the help of Pinin Farina. But out of the price it could not compete with Corvette and Thunderbird.

The problem was a very long winded production logistic. The engine, front and rear axles were sent to England and then to Italy, where the chariot was mounted. The car was then transported to USA. It became naturally expensive.

Nash also constructed the small Metropolitan car 1954. It was built with component from Austin. The pressure in USA to offer a small cheap car was great.

The talking was about Compact cars. This car could only take two persons and was also made simpler in the way that right and left doors were alike except the places of the hinges.

The engine was the small A-engine from Austin/Morris, 57 ps. This production was not so large and was made in England. The economy for this was not a burden for Nash in USA. This production ceased 1962.

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English Sport cars


BMC Sport Cars

English sport cars. Ref. 1
 English sport cars. MGB, Triumph Spitfire, Austin Sprite. Ref. 1

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European hall



European hall. Ref. 1
European hall. Ref. 1

European hall. Ref. 1
 European hall. Ref. 1

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