Chariot for  Volvo 1927-1930. Ref 1
Chassie for Volvo 1927-1930. Ref 1
Assa museum buggy car gallery.
Text and picture Björn Bellander.
Pictures current 2012, 15, 17. 35 pictures.
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Assa museum. Ref. 1
The only copy left from a Åtvidaberg Buggy only 12 (14) sold.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Rear seat.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
The museum has build a mini model of the buggy.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
This is a Holsman. Åssa museum says that it is an Åtvidaberg car. Picture from Wikipedia.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
The Åtvidaberg buggy outside the factory local. The place is identical today 2013.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
An original Åtvidaberg buggy. Modell no. B/11 printed on the picture.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
The Adelswärd family ? on tour.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Åtvidaberg buggy model tourist.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
A buggy of unknown model.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Pedal system. Note 2 pedals. The brake lining goes against the rubber on the rear wheels. Handbrake works inside the drive gear!
Assa museum. Ref. 1
4-cylinder engine. Compare the other picture of the 2 cylinder engine which have a plunge to open and close for exhaust?
Assa museum. Ref. 1
All part from cars that not were sold were reconstructed to railway trollies and sold to Swedish railway. Probably they quickly were rebuild again and equiped with a Ford T engine in front. It became a successfull trolley.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Volvo car. 1928-29.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
"The gear" consist of a V-belt wheel where the inner was spring loaded. In this way a variabel rotation and speed was the result depending of movement of the outgoing axle, in this construction, engine movement, forward och backwards. Max speed for the car was 45 km/h.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Drive belt.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Volvo lorry.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Volvo PV 444 Cab.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Info about cabriolet cars.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Austin seven cab.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Volvo lorry.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Åtvidaberg made chariots for Volvo. This for an early car.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Working area in Åtvidaberg.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Baron Theodor Adelswärds apartment.
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Assa museum. Ref. 1
Assa museum. Ref. 1

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