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Entrance to Arnolds nice museum

Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 Arnold showing his old BP-petrol pump. Ref. 1
När Arnold gick i pension. Ref. 1 When Arnold went into retirement. Ref. 1
Kia. Bilen som gjorde succe hos Arnolds efterträdare. Ref. 1 The car mark that made succes after Arnold's retirement. Ref. 1
Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 Museum. Ref. 1

Now we are going to visit Arnolds small museum situated just before the little village Ramvik in Ångermanland Sweden. This is an old country side area situated along road 90, 10 min north High Coast Bridged. To find this place just turn to the right, when sign Ramvik show you under the railway and then drive just 1 km to reach the manor house of the Heritage farm of wife Arnold Sundström. This old farm is from 1769 build on a small hill including 2 living houses, complete barn and on the area a cellar.

On a small part of an arable field there is a visit parking place arranged. Then the visitor can take a stair up to the court yard to reach the front of the main entrance of the barn. Here Arnold, the museum owner, can meet expected visitors. Normally he take care of all visitors to show them around in the museum.

The museum is Arnold's life goal and here he shows his old cars and lots of small things since 1953, which he has gathered during his long active life. If one has had collecting mania during many years, all storing places will be filled up. So it was for Arnold and many others. Compare with Bo Ellergren in Hjorted and his Moped museum.

His car selling company is from 2002 taken over by his son and Arnold now is only a elf in the firm built up in the sity of Kramfors selling lots of KIA cars.

What to do with all his stored parts? One must have som sort of occupation and the idea grew to change the barn which since long time had no animals anymore, to a museum showing all his collected odds and ends. This would also be a nice place to gather friends to come together eat some food and mingle in the museum area.

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Heritage farm manor

Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1
Family house. Ref. 1

The old heritage houses, with two living houses one from 1769. In the good old times, the parents always had to move into a separate house. That's what affordable in the counties of Ångermanland and Hälsingland. Today there are often the children who will start in these houses. Note that there are no shortcuts on this side which leads to the entrances of the houses. On countryside a well cut grass area is the rule. May be a Jaguar parked in the shadow.

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Jordkällarens baksida. Ref. 1 Backside of the earth cellar. Ref. 1 Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 Jaguar XK. Ref. 1 Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 Info Jaguar XK. Ref. 1 Jaguar XKE. Ref. 1 Jaguar front seat. Ref. 1
Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 Jaguar XK. Ref. 1

Arnold had for a long time thought about to buy an English sport car. It became an E-type coupé. But now the next problem came. Where to keep it. The barn was not good enough. It was to difficult to drive inside and also take it out for a ride. But, it was solved with the help of the old cellar on the yard. As can be seen in the backside the cellar is still left. Upon it's roof a second flat was built.  This became a luxury garage with coffee place and a wonderfull view over the landscape. One bad thing though, the floor don't like oil drops from an English engine. This became the place for the nice Jaguar Coupé looking over road 90 to Kramfors.

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Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 VW. Ref. 1 Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 Volkswagen gearbox. Ref. 1 Plogen som kund vända fåran. Ref. 1 A new type of plow was invented that could turn over the earth. Ref. 1 Före den moderna plogen som vände fåran. Ref. 1 The olf type of plow wich could not turn over the earth. Ref. 1 Översikt av Volkwagnar. Ref. 1 Overview of Volkswagen cars. Ref. 1


Holmgrens VW

VW i Wolfsburg
Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1
VW. Ref. 1

Arnold started as a salesman for Volkswagen 1953. May be in Härnösand. For this reason he has a special feeling for this car model. Here, in the barn, you can find 4 copies of type 1 and among them to the left an early VW 1200 1948. The white one from 1961 with blinkers on the fenders. I had one myself.
This model was equipped with a forged camshaft delivered by Bofors forging factory. The fault was that the hardening was bad and the shaft nocks were worn out. When this car was bought I asked if the camshaft was changed on guarantee. The light in this time was also really bad and why not speak about the heating from the easy rosting heating chambers. One must be glad if the defroster system could hold a small opening in the windshield. One thing was good, the engine never failed when getting old. It only became weaker and weaker.
When I married a 500 km drive home from Skåne, after my wedding. It was -10°. An clear opening in the windshield was managed with my thumb. Nice memory today.
The blue and green cars to the right, picture below, may be the last type 1 models from 1974 equipped with arched windshield. It was a regulation that settled a distance from head to windscreen.
Note also the design of the headlamps. Read about this in the link from Holmgren VW. Here much is told about early VW in Sweden.
Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 VW. Ref. 1

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Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 BMW 700. Ref. 1 Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 BMW700 aircold engine Ref. 1 Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 Control equipments. Ref. 1 Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 Control eqipments BMW. Ref. 1 Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 BMW 328 engine at BMW-museum. Ref. 1 Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1
BMW 501 frame at BMW museum. Ref. 1 LaSalle som aldrig blev verklighet. Ref. 1 LaSalle which never became reality. Ref. 1


BMW museum Nurnberg

Much happened up to 1980. Now Arnold felt to be ready and started his own firm. This was placed in Kramfors and he got an agency for BMW and Honda. There was a demand if agency for these cars, that he must offer a service workshop. Now things were serious. A cheaper model was also for sale in his hall and it was Lada.

Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 Ref. 1

In the rebuilt barn on the hayloft where Arnold has stored his BMW cars and one Hansa Borgward Isabella Coupé. The Bayarian beauty BMW 501 came on the market 1952-54. BMW was almost ruined and the beauty as a car was to expensive and had bad selling. In the first year there was the pre war 4 cyl. engine from type 328. It was too weak for the heavy car. Later a 2.5 and a 3.2 liters V8 with two carburettors, giving 100 to 160 hp. It had a very nice design.

Partly text from BMW museum Nürnberg.
BMW luxury limousine was announced officially 1954 and stopped to be produced 1961 according to museum info. Different opinions can be found on websites. The car was produced except that BMW could not afford the development that was required. The economy was very bad in the beginning of 1950. The car was rather advanced and could be delivered with a V8 giving 100 hp, depending on year model. The sale never reached sufficient production quantity. During the whole period 15000 copies were produced.
Borgvard Isabella coupe. Ref. 1
Borgward Isabella. Ref. 1
Eldriven cykel sm kan packas ihop. Ref. 1
Electric drive cycle. Ref. 1

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Motorsågsdragster. Ref. 1 A funny way to make a motor saw-dragster. Ref. 1. Motorsågsdragster. Ref. 1 Close up of the motor-saw dragster.





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Arnold has played with some motorcycles during his days. On exhibition he has two interesting cycles. One Whizzer about which one you can read in the link. It will show you to one of my museum sites. The Rumi cycle is a nich craftsmanship produced in Italy after the war. See the link. I have during some years owned a 2 cyl. BSA 750 of which I have written a detailed article. See link.
Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 Read about Whizzer in the link. Ref. 1 Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 JAWA isracingcykel Ref. 1
Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 Info Rumi Super Sport. Ref. 1 Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 Read about Rumi in the link. Ref. 1
Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 BSA 500 1 cylinder. Read about my 750 BSA in the link Ref. 1 Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 IFA F9 stand here a bit odd, but the badge has an interesting story Read about DKW in the link. Ref. 1



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Model car collection
 Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 Rugby 1924. Ref. 1 Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 It was something special with this tractor. May be a filler. Ref. 1 Vacuumservo. Ref. 1 Så fungerar en vacuumservo. Ref. 1. Klocksamlingen. Ref. 1 The watch collection. Ref. 1
Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 Part of model collection. Ref. 1

Collections can be many different things. The importance is to collect many of the same type. Arnold has during the years and travels gathered 654 different model cars. His favourite is Tucker Torpedo which first came 1947, manufactured in 51 copies and today there are 22 survivers. For futher information I have added information of this car. The model may be bought 2009.
Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 Part of model collection. Ref. 1

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Key ring collection

Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1 Key rings Ref. 1 Nyckeringar. Ref. 1 Key rings. Ref. 1 Nyckelringar. Ref. 1 Key rings. Ref. 1
Del av nyckelsamlingen. Ref. 1 Key ring collection. Ref. 1

An other type of collection is key rings. The number is not counted, but among all these there is one of great value. That is the first one from IKEA. It is designed as a small furniture. For this teason it is not so flat and inconvenient to keep in pocket. Can you find it?

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Coffee and meeting room

Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. 1
Coffee room. Ref. 1

The coffee room itself is big enough to be used for club meetings or celebrations. Here Arnold and I sat and drank coffee speaking about museums and cars for an hour. I am thankfull this interesting opportunity that Arnold gave me. But why not, think upon to be invited for a party some nice sommer evening together with 25 other persons with the same interests. A good meal and then with the coffee cup mingle with the gusests in the nice museum rooms. Here we could exchange knowledge about old cars, horsewagons, record players, different car models and also about key rings. Maybe mostly about old times. There is no problem to be without a topic.

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Other odds ends

Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref.
A small collection of old time wireless. Ref. 1 Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. One bathing cycle. Wonder if it is operational. Pedals are under water. Ref. 1 Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. The record playe of anciont tame. Hard to get pins. Ref. 1
Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. What was left inte the barn. Ref. 1

Arnold Odds and Ends. Ref. Adversity posters for Opel. Ref. 1

I have made research about Opel history. When digging i large companies searching their builing up story one always come to the second part of 1800. This is dealing with the industrialism and the emerging of market.

The first product to show up was the bicycle. It was the result when roads started to bid people together. Furthermore the need for people to transport themselves longer distances.
Adam Opel, b. 1837, was an industrialist for his time. This meant that he educated to a black smith.

During his apprentice time he was in England, Belgium and France. He studied the black smith profession. In France he studied a new product which was called a sew machine. It demanded several precision parts.

When he returned to Rüsselsheim 1862, he started in an old art hall production of his first type of sewing machine. This production increased whole the time and up to 1899 500000 machines had left his production place. He reached 1 million 1911.

The same year his factory burned down. He married 1868 with his landlord's daughter Sophie Marie Scheller. As it ws custom at that time with 5 kids they fixed that, all became sons.

1886 he started cycle production. That was a good product as it had a hig demand from people. In the beginning he bought parts for cycles from England but he son had constructed his own model.

The cycles of Opel became soon the largest producer in Germany.At this time health care was not so good and Adam Opel suffered of tyfus and died at 58 years of age. 1895. His company was now controlled by his wife Marie Scheller and the sons.

The demand was now high to start up production of cars. Adam Opel had not engaged in this as his work with sew machines and cycles took all time.
In this situation it was time for one of the sons to take over this after Adam's death. An early car factory was merged and a cooperation started for car constructions. Fredrick Lutzmann who was a car pioneer and engineer from Dessau.

This cooperation with Lutzman went on till the first car came out on the market. This car had big difficulties to compete with French cars. This ended the cooperation with Lutzman an instead an agreement came with Darraq 1902. A car badge Opel Darraq was sold and it was a good construction contra other car producers.

The first real success came with Opel 4/8. This model became popular among doctors for making house visits and got the name Doctorwagen. 1912 the production had reache 30000 cycles and 3000 cars.

Opel grew steady during 1920 and became the largest car producer with 120000 cars a year. Compare with Volvo 2015 which is under 100000.

The family decided to change the company to an AG 1928. This opened up for General Motors to buy a share majority 1929. The family members stayed as members of the board. The leading son change his name to Fritz von Opel.

During the war the entire factory changed to war production. The most important product was lorries with model Opel Blitz. A complete new factory was build in Brandenburg. Her were products like rockets, torpedoes and parts fro airplanes made. This factory used a large part of work from slaves from 1942. This made that the factory was confiscated as war reparations demaunted and transported to Russia. Due to this there became an Opel from Russia with the name Moskovitch. It was a copy of 1938 Opel Kadett.

In the end of 1944 Opel factories in Rüsselsheim and Brandenburg were by an air bombing and were almost fully destroyed.

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Mjölkleverans. Ref. 1 Old time delivery of milk.

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