Preeword about website Swedish Air Force Museum Malmslätt

This website about Air Force Museum has been created through my study of books written by Swedish and or foreign legends involved in airplane development. I have also got information from lots of other websites found on the net. All this information I have tried to gather and told in my way about interesting parts of the different airplane types and persons. By this reason this is not a reference site. Those personal thoughts and difficulties which Swedish and foreign flying legends had, has been told. This I think make the story more interesting. I have also tied the history together when a clear connection is found. (Porsche, Lohner, Macchi and Dornier for ex.)

All pictures are my own except a few which I have got permissions for over mail. A very few with special permission like writing from which website they are shown. Pictures have been marked with a reference number. For Example Ref. 1 is Björn Bellander.  Other References are shown at the end of at least every main site. I have taken scanned pictures from books printed before WWII. It is shown in clear writings as  Ref.
At the end of the sites you will find links to other Air museums which I have visited or have had contact with.

All information are my free rendering and is not a guarantee that there might be other interpretations. Any guarantee against factual errors is not given. Every viewer is given the possibility to get there own view from the links which is added.

20080312 Björn Bellander

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