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Porsche Museum
The museum is situated just outside Stuttgart in an area named Zuffenhausen. Look after Porschestrasse 42. Here is Porsche factories situated and it is naturally called Porsche Werk II. In their small museum they have placed all their race cars. Ca. 20 different models. Very proper and pleasant arranged.
It was a little tricky to find the place, but after some searching we found Werk II, but parking place was worse. Almost impossible because employee had parked everywhere. We had to go to the entrance and ask. Well, it may be some there was the answer. It was almost filled up, though we found one place where we could press in our Volkswagen bus.
On our way down to the factory gate we passed a delivery place of more or less hot Porsches. They were protected for transport, against rain and dust.
Museum entrance was behind to the right of the gate. Here we were let in under supervision. Museum had no more visitors for the moment so we, 8 race car fantasts, had plenty of room. We supposed that Porsche used this more for their buyers or people of special interest.
You can study all the cars in 2 hours depending on interest. If you don't have a special feeling for this mark you don't need to bother the time there. Note that a new museum was opened 2009.
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Porsche museums entrance.

Entre hall Porshe museum. Ref. 1
Entre hall Porshe museum. Ref. 1
Porsche museum. The hall. Ref. 1
Porsche museum. The hall. Ref. 1
It was free to get in. A small cafeteria and the compulsory counter for selling model cars of Porsche. Note only Porsche.

At the Cafeteria table, they had placed a slit up Porsche 911. Just so we had something to discuss during coffee drinking. The museum is just the hall in front of you. Look at the two pictures and it is easy imagine what kind of cars they show.

Info Lohner-Porsche 1902.
Info Lohner-Porsche 1902.
Lohner-Porsche at Horten carl museum in Norway.
Lohner-Porsche at Horten car museumin Norway.

Dr Ing. Ferdinand Porsche lived during the lucky time when great engineers had the opportunity to give vent to their genius. His first invention was an electric motor. It was supposed to be placed in the wheels of the vehicle. Lohner-Porsche 1897. It was not so strong petrol engines. But the

These two pictures show the first known Porsche car construction. One of Porsche early job was at Lohner-Werks 1902. Read info about the car. With  the necessary authorization from Per Sörliden. Porsche early constructions click for page 2.

control equipmentwas not so good at that time. His drive was not suitable for personnel cars. Ferd. brought often out his child specially for the military market. Till 1936 he had been involved in several projects. For ex. Mercedes Benz SS, SSK Compressor and Auto Union Race Car. also some car prototypes, for ex. NSU, which should lead to VW named Porsche Type 60, 1936. It was at that time he got the commission to develop the first Volkswagen. He had earlier opened his own büro in Stuttgart and in a simple garage he bought the first prototype of the coming Volkswagen. Mercedes Benz was later involved building another 30 prototypes for evaluation by SS, under supervisory of Dr Porsche. The planned factory was built in Wolfsburg where this car should be built. The factory was ready 1939. But alahs the war started and Porsches talents was used for service of Third Reich. Among other well known products that Porsche was involved in was development of the tanks Tiger, Panther and the "jeep" Kübelwagen. Sweden has during the 1990 bought tanks from Germany, Panther, in competition by the American Ahbrams. The Panther is not much like Porsches, but the name assume obligations. His son and son son continues to lead the factory. Ferd. Porsche died 1951.

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Porsche 962C 1987. Ref. 1

Porsche 962C 1987

The dominating marks were Ferrari, Ford, Jaguar and Renault when Porsche won their first win at 24 hour LeMans 1970. Since then Porsche has played the first roll in this prestige full race. Among a massive resistance from Jaguar and others , Porsche has prolonged their victories till 1987. The drivers Stuck Bell and Holbert won the 12th victory for Porsche. Sweden has one driver, except Jo Bonnier, in Stanley Dickens although driving Mercedes Benz. His name is written on a car at Mercedes Benz museum. See Mercedes.

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Porsche 911 GTS 1973. Ref. 1
Porsche 911 Carerra GTS 1973

The splitted 911 Carerra showed many things. One thing how the car builder succeeded in pressing the 2.7 liter boxer into the engine room. On the other side, I who perhaps never will own such a monster car, should be able to serve it. Simple things like how to change spark plugs. Complete impossible without dismantling the engine. A crash from behind, which often happens at racing, will cost a fortune. Bad, but a fantastic car. Drive it to Monte Carlo and put your money on the table. We in the racing SSK-series had some 911 drivers like Dick Biström.

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Porsche 911 GT 1 1997.  Ref. 1
Porsche 911 GT 1 1997. Ref. 1
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Porsche 917 1971.  Ref. 1
Porsche 917 1971. Ref. 1
9-18-1.jpg Ref. 1

Porsche 917/30 Spyder 1973.  Ref. 1
Porsche 917/30 Spyder 1973. Ref. 1
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Ferd. Porsche's villa outside Stuttgart.  Ref. 1
Ferd. Porsche's villa outside Stuttgart. Ref. 1


One of the first KDF cars outside Porsche's villa in Stuttgart. He had perhaps this car for driving to the factory in Wolfsburg, which was under finishing. It was ready September 1939. The production of Porsche type 60 was not able to start because the war was started with the engagement in France. Ferd. was filled up with construction of Kübelwagen KDF for the army, and the variant as an amphibian car. A good link to the history of type 60.

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When Ferd Porsche was in jail in France, Ferry constructed the first hand built Porsche No: 1. Ref. 1


After the war the French arrested Ferd. in order to rework the type 60 to a French Volkswagen although the Renault factory already had developed the CV4. But Peugeot stopped this project. Instead he was put in jail for war crimes. Slavery in his production places, although they set up money to get him free. He was in prison for 20 months. Perhaps he worked with CV4. During the time his son Ferry had taken over and constructed the first hand built Porsche No: 1 356.

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He took help of Italian money to develop the race car Cisitalia. For this money he bought Ferd. free 1947. Ref. 1


Ferry, the son who also was interned, worked, after he was set free, he start the production of Porsche in Gmund. He took help of Italian money to develop the race car Cisitalia. For the money he got, Ferd. and his friends was bought free from France jail. A cost of 500 000 franc per person. They were free august the 1st 1947.

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Ferd's construction büto in Zuffenhausen constructed this Wanderer. Ref. 1


Ferd.s first commission after starting his büro in Zuffenhausen was to construct a 6 cylinder car for Wanderer. It got the ID of Porsche type 7. Compare with Bugatti´s way of putting id:s on his cars. Type 37! Exactly the same.

Ferdinand Porsche Story
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