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Panhard. Ref 1
Panhard. Ref 1 Info Panhard. 18-123 Ref. 1
Info Panhard. 18-123 Ref. 1

In a town not far away from RossoBianco museum is MotorTechnica placed. The owners have arranged the museum in an old factory. It has many small rooms so it is not so easy to make a nice museum inside. The management has gathered so many things, mostly from eastern Europe, that they have no place left. Outside the entrance there where several old airplanes and on a field other kind of aircrafts. These were not part of the museum. It might be. Unfortunately light was bad, with windows behind and high up, which made it hard to get good pictures. Anyway here you have some interesting pictures.
Just inside we saw a Panhard & Levassor which was, for the happiness of everybody when it was the same car as the logo of Aros Motorveteraner. We were all alone in the museum which except cars, war stuff also showed quite a large amount of old motorcycles. But, the mc cycles were arranged to close together to get god pictures. After visiting several museums one can read from the object types, what interests the management has.
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Erich Honecker's car. Ref 1
Erich Honecker's car. Ref 1

Das parteiauto der DDR.

This was Erich Honecker´s car. The President of DDR. A Peugeot, special ordered with bullet proof doors and windows. It was with a smile one could establish that the former Russian henchman had governed DDR on the verge of ruin. They could not even afford a Russian ZIL. The power as they say in Star Wars was not longer with him and punished the country to wither away. But sorry to say, when the changing time was over no one could put him on trial. He escaped to Russia but was handed over to Germany as persona nongrata in Russia. Here they tried to set him on trial, but because of his advanced cancer he was allowed to exile to Chile where he died 1994.
It will come the day when all of us will stand in front of the heaven port and be judged. We don't know how Erich made it.
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Storaging a Mercedes. 19-104 . Ref. 1
Storaging a Mercedes. 19-104 . Ref. 1
Info Mercedes. 19-105 Ref. 1
Info Mercedes. 19-105 Ref. 1

In something that should look like a storage room or barn, they had stored unrenovated cars of all kind. Just like you imagine to find in a barn far away on the country side.  Equally unrealistic as to win 2 million on bingolotto. This old Mercedes was put here. You can read more if you click on the sign board. There was also a Mercedes 300S from 1954. The same as Uno Ranch bought when it came out on the market. Because of small rim dimension Mercedes had to make deep brake drums and water poured inside and couldn't come out. This ended with lack of braking ability. Uno Ranch returned the car. He was well-known enough that Mercedes agreed. Today it is hard to return a "Monday car" not even a Lupo!! On the other hand if I have a 300S with bad brakes. I keep it. Good pension insurance! Cost only 65 Skr a year (2013).
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Austin Seven. 19.98.jpg Ref. 1
Austin Seven. 19.98.jpg Ref. 1

Austin Seven 1934

This look like the model for the well-known London taxis. Roof-rack and imitation parchment. It may rain much in London!!
747 cc 4 cyl. 15 ps and 80 km/h. It was what needed in the traffic of London. It was heavy already during the thirties.
Colin Chapman started his career with this type of car. He rebuilt a Austin seven for the purpose of what's in England was popular "mud hill climb". He was doing this in his Family's garage. Everybody who has been in England know how small they are. He had of course a much understanding girlfriend, Hazel. I can recommend the book Lotus. Look at the MG TC and the one for me unknown car to the right. Morris? The cars were put on exhibit this close. Svedino car museum Ugglarp Sweden takes the price.
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Submarine mini. Ref 1
Submarine mini. Ref 1

Submarine info. Ref 1 All museums in Germany have things from the second world war. Here a mini submarine. Poor the one that had to sail to the target. 2 torpedoes were mounted, one on each side. The silly thing was that they weighed so much that the boat lost it's balance in the water, when they were fired. It popped up on the water surface. It weighed 7 ton unloaded and was forced forward by a petrol engine and working depth was only 1.7 m. It was a suicide weapon. Behind you se a tank tower on which testing was done. T 34? Besides a steam-engine and in front a transport wagon for Lloyd Alexander. The last?


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Scooter with trailer. 19-97 Ref. 1
Scooter with trailer. 19-97 Ref. 1

This scooter with trailer did interest us for a long while. Why was it put here alone in front of a fire engine car, which also had been pressed against the wall. Our simple solution was that there were no more place. It might has been better to withdraw the fire engine car and make a good place for the unusual scooter.
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Adler Autobahn. 19-102 Ref. 1
Adler Autobahn. 19-102 Ref. 1

Info Adler Autobahn. 19-103 Ref. 1 Adler Autobahn is a very interesting car. The company was early with the airflow style. Everybody believed in it and it was also a try for Adler to make more money which they needed. But few liked it. The car had 6 cyl. 2500 cc, front drive engine. Such a car was for sale in Norway early 2003 in Classic Motor. Complete rusty without engine. All that have owned a front drive Adler know that the popular model Junior had no water pump. It was cooled by thermosiphon system. The engine was mounted with gearbox in front. Generator was driven by a fan belt and the belt was mounted just behind the clutch. This belt was divided. The car had quarter elliptical springs mounted along the car and the back hold was rear axle and front hold about between the doors. In front it was 2 multi plate springs one under and one over the gearbox. A very neat construction. The frame didn't go over the rear axle and front uprights was hold by the springs. I know because my father had an Adler Senior (1700cc). It was sold 1947 with frozen block in exchange for a Studebaker Champion. To the left you see a Hansa and on the other side a DKW. Note the windows in background. Not perfect for taking photographs. About Adler I recommend the book Adler by Werner Oswald ISBN 3-87943-783-1. Club Adler
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