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Dr. Carl Benz memorial monument

This memorial is placed outside Benz living house. It is situated near by the lot he bought and where the tower was built.
Text behind the garland read this translation.
Carl Benz 1844-1929
"For the memory of the inventor of the petrol engine car from the citizens of Ladenburg".

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Dr. Carl-Benz-Garage

When the well-known inventor Dr. Carl Benz (1844-1929) bought this lot, he ordered the rests of an old house to be built into this tower in historical style.
The lot was aimed for his car and for this reason it became the oldest garage in the world.
On the upper floor a working room was furnished, which Dr. Carl Benz used as his working room till his dead 1929.
Today this historical garage is taken care of by Motorsportclub
Dr. Carl Benz e.V. ADAC and is using it as there club local.

Founded 1986 by family Elbe-Benz.

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"The Tower"

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"The garage door"

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In this house Carl Benz was living from 1901 till his dead 1929.
It was not so that his first car, the 3-wheeler, was manufactured in the "First Garage". At that time Benz lived in Mannheim where he had his gasmotoren factory. The garage was in the first place aimed to keep the car, which now had become a veteran from 1886. On the back of the house there is also 2 garages. One can presume that one copy of the cars Viktoria and Velo got there place there. Not today of course.

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In Ladenburg there is also a Carl Benz museum. Unfortunately it was not opened at our visit. The museum is nearby ABB factories.

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…but to the left of the head door a frame was left. Mercedes according to our experts Bosse and Torbjörn.

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This is a replica of Benz first car. The picture is from Sinsheim museum.

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