older Museums, my cars, mc, racing, school, children.
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This is a website with veteran cars, motorcycles, scooters, competitions, museum visits.
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Klicka för min B-Ford 32 Roadster Hot Rod med Olds -54. Ref 1 Klicka för min Lotus 15 1958 på Skarpnäck. Ref 1 Ferrari på Roskilde Ring. Klicka för min Ferrari. Ref 1 Click for My Cars and MC:s. Sarolea 1951. Ref 1 

Museum & others
Germany, France

Mines and Foundries

Art glas foundries

Car Clubs
SSK, MCHK, RHK, Videos

Cars MC

Ferrari Monza, Lotus 15 etc

Military Serv.

Under construction

Under construction



(only in Swedish)

Museums, my cars, racing, mc, school, children, service, job, family. All with pictures, videos and text from 82 years.

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Museum in England and Germany
Sinsheim in Germany,
Audi museum Ingolstadt Germany,
Museum joerney 2018,
Museum Joerney 2000
Mercedes Benz 2000. Mercedes Benz 2018. 
BMW München Germany,
Beaulieu England,   Brooklands England,
Duxford England,  
Haynes England.

Swedish museums
Locomotive museum, Grangesberg
 Harnosands museum, Autoseum Simrishaman

 Former Helsingborg Technicmuseum,
Motala museum.

My cars and mc:s
Zündapp KS50Puch Monza 86
BSA Lightning 1970
Ford Roadster 1932 , Cadillac 1973,

Carsport Karlskrona, Adalen Car MC,
Bjorkenas mopedmuseum
Brosarp museistation Chaparral Car museum
Hannover air museum Hassleholm mil. vehicles
School in town of Srtängnäs. Website under construction. Ref. 1  Journey to Lappland in Sweden. Click for Swedish verion. Ref. 1 Click for Family paper back to 1711. Only in Swedish. Ref. 1 My military service in upper part of Sweden.  Ref. 1 

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