Translation of the info text Lamborghini Miura P400S V12 4 litre 370 hp

The name Miura came from an Spanish breeder of bullfighters. Don Miura who has brought forth some of the most well known bullfighters.

Miura counts for one of the greatest super sport cars in history and above all the absolutely first one. Miura was shown as a prototype first time at the car fair in Geneva 1966, at that time only as a body with engine mounted.

It is not known who did design the Miura. Often it is said to be Marcello Gandini. He was chief designer at Bertone at that time. Only one year after Giorgetto Giugiario left the company in order to start Italdesign, where he among others designed DeLorean a Golf (type 1). In a newspaper interview several years later Giugiario demands that 70 % of the Miura is his design and that Gandini only made small changes on his original drawings.

Dallare, chief designer at Lamborghini, wanted to manufacture a car with center mounted engine for to be used in competition, but Ferriccio Lamborghini decided to make a car for the road.

Miura had several serious faults in the beginning, among them some Miuras were pit themselves on fire when the carburettors were leaking petrol.

Several buyers were not satisfied with the interior finish. Several did let the interior to be done again, one was Frank Sinatra.