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Maserati Mexico tipo 112 1968

Engine: V8 4.7 litre 290 hp

This model was first shown at the car fair of Turin 1965. The acceptance was very positive and it was decided to start manufacturing at once. It took one year before the first copy was delivered to the salesmen.

The Maserati company was founded 1914 by the seven brothers of Maserati. The goal was to manufacture racing cars and they won their first great victory with the competition of Targa Florio 1926. Another important milestone in the history of the Maserati company was when they beat the words speed record win 246,029 km/h 1929.

Though there were no economical problems Maserati was sold to Orsi family 1939. The brothers continued to work within the company ahead to 1948. During the Orsi leadership Maserati was well going ahead. They had great success both on the competition circuits and on roads.

1969 Citroen bought the company and large changes were done. They put money, like Ferrari and Lamborghini, on super sport cars with big middle mounted engines. During the oil crisis 1970th Citroen went bankruptcy. Maserati was sold to the Benelli company owned by DeTomaso. This constellation succeeded to get the Maserati in economical health again.

The real turn for Maserati came when it was sold to Fiat. A whole new production establishment was built and several new models were produced.