Translation of the info text Lincoln Continental MkV 1960

Engine V8 7 litre 315 hp

During the end of 1950 Lincoln had much critics for manufacturing too big and expensive cars. For lost up to 1000 dollars for each Lincoln they sold. 1960 was the last year for the really big Lincoln models

Lincoln was not just christened after an American President. This car had for long time been delivered to White House. The first limo was special built to a President Roosevelt 1939. It was called "Sunshine Special" and was used by Franklin D. Roosevelt. This car was used ahead to 1950 when it was changed to another Lincoln.

When John F. Kennedy was shoot on the 22nd of November 1963 he sat in a 1961 Lincoln Continental. This car that Secret Service had ordered was build by Hess & Eisenhart, the car had got an updated grill and bumper from the 1962 model. After the murder the car went back to Hess & Eisenhart to be rebuild. It was repaired and made shoot safe. There was also an armed roof. After reparation the car was used during many years by White House staff and is now on exhibition at Henry Ford Museum Michigan.

Lincoln has been very popular by other presidents, they were also bought by other well known persons like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and the Shake of Iran.