Translation of the info text Lincoln Continental Mk II Sport Coupé Engine V8 6 litre 300 hp

This model mad it’s debut on the 6th of October 1955 at Paris Auto Fair. Electrical adjusted seats were standard, as well as servo assisted steering and others. Just this car was extra equipped wit air condition. This was also the most expensive car on sale 1956. The cost was round 10000 dollars. Much at that time.

According the late and slow manufacturing the company was sold to Henry Ford 1925, and this was against the protest of Leland.

It is said that Ford bought Lincoln by resentful feelings, as Leland had started Cadillac from the rests of the first company of Ford. Another reason was that Edsel Ford, Henry’s son, was not attract by the low priced cars from Ford. A Lincoln did cost 10 times as a Ford. The meaning was that Leland should stay and continue to work. But he ended after only four months. After this Edsel Ford took over.

Only after 10 months after the new management had taken over the had sold 2000 more cars than Leland had ever succeeded in 17 months. On the contrary what Leland thought the quality of Lincoln was not deteriorated rather better. During the management of Edsel Lincoln was developed to an attractive car.

Lincoln had a bad time during the 50th when selling decreased steadily. One light in the tunnel was when the MkII came 1956 and the selling grow during a period but then turned down again.