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Lincoln Continental Coup’e

Engine V12 4,9 litre 130 hk

After the Japanese attack against Pearl Harbor 1941. The manufacturing of Lincoln Continental was temporarily ceased. The production was started again in 1946. 1948 the worked hard to produce a new model, and this made that the models from 1948 more or less were left over cars from 1947.

After that Henry Martin Leland had stopped working at Cadillac he started 1920 Lincoln Motor Company. In the beginning the company produce air craft engines for the Air Forces. Lincoln signed a contract for 6000 engines but unfortunately, for Leland the war was ended.

Only in 6 months Leland had succeeded in building a company with 6000 employees. Because of his large amount of workers his debts grow rapidly and he decided to start producing a car. It was good times in the beginning because he had to sell stocks in order to get money to develop his car; only in three hours all stocks were sold at a value of 6,6 million dollars.

After this the problems started for Leland and his Lincoln car. The car which they delivered was not only six months delayed and also had an out of date design. As Lincoln was build with the same precision that had built Cadillacs the production was delayed and lesser cars could be sold in time. This was in early 1920th.