Translation of the info text LaSalle Series 37-50 1937

LaSalle was already from the start an economical failure. The name came from the explorer who discovered Mississippi river, Robert LaSalle.

LaSalle was founded 1927 as a part of Cadillac. General Motor had the feeling that it was lacking a model between Buick and Cadillac. They put LaSalle on the map, a car with the same quality as Cadillac but with a lower price. In the beginning it sold very good but 1929 the great depression came and in the 1930th, this led to dramatic low selling.

When economy slowly raised LaSalle was not helped. People wanted to buy prestige cars and this showed that Cadillacs were a good selling car. LaSalle had not got the time to have the mark well known before depression struck the world. During the hard competition on the market at the end of 1930 LaSalle lost almost all buyers.

In spite of this 1937 was the best selling year for LaSalle. This year about 32000 cars were sold. Return