Translation of the info text Ford Model A Rumbleseat convertible 1929

Engine R4 3.3 litre 40hp. According to great demand manufacturing started in Canada during February 1928. This car is put together in Canada. Seldom a new model has been so long for as the Ford A model. The designation is a celebration of the first Ford car. This should mark a new era.

When Ford should replace the very popular T-model, they had to close factory for six months in order to develop the new car. New production machines were bought and built in the production line. The second of December 1927 the car was shown for the public. Ford got over hundred thousand orders already the first day.

To differ from the T-model one could order A-Ford in different colors and models. The more better roads put demands and performances. When the A-Ford was introduced there were 5 different models to chose on. The most popular was the Tudor, short for two doors with place for 5 persons.

Rumbleseat was the name of the seat put under a rear cover behind the driverís seat. Ahead to the middle of 1930th the most common were the Roadster and Convertible models with this kind of seat. These cars were to be seen as more sporty than the Tudor. With growing time the cars became more faster and streamlined and the rumbleseat became more uncomfortable and unsafe to sit in. If the car was equipped with only a single backseat it was called mother-in-law seat.