Translation of the info text Buick Series 80 1931 Engine: R8 5.7 liter 104 hp.

Göran Karlsson bought this Buick in October 1978. This car was equipped with extras as bumper, clock, luggage holder heater and others.

Buick company was founded by inventor David Dunbar Buick. He was born 1854 in Scotland but had emigrated to America as a child. Before Buick started his company he had invented the process that made china to fasten on iron. This gave us the white bathtubs. In the beginning he produced engines for the farming and marine sector. Together with Walter Marr and Eugene Richard they constructed the first prototype Buick car. Soon William C. Durant was enrolled in the company. He was a good business man, while Dunbar was a craftsman that only in each car saw a unique invention. It was no place for both of them. As time wet on Dunbar became outmaneuvered. This because he could not handle money in a large company. He got a job behind the information desk at Detroit School of Trades.

1929 Dunbar Buick died of Cancer in Detroit, out of money and forgotten.