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Buick Century, series 60 1937

Engine 5,3 litr 130 hp

Göran Karlsson bought together with a friend four cars from Edward Söderberg in the 1970 century. Among them this Buick. Söderberg had earlier lend it to the Swedish King Gustaf V during a parade in Gothenburg.

During the 1930th Buick lost market shares at the hard US market. In order to stop this Buick management employed Harlow H. Curtis as chief of the company. That year hydraulics brakes as standard equipment was installed and Curtis also introduced new more modern models. They should be more attractive than the earlier. All models got new names, like Special, Century, Roadmaster and Limited, in order to mark that the buyers should knew that it was a new type of car. After some difficult years Buick became 1938 the fourth biggest deliverer of cars in United States, A man named Harley Earl and Colour was the main man for this design. This was the first year with windshield wipers as standard. The buyer could also choose as extra equipment like defroster, fog light and radio with built in load speaker.