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Aston Martin DB6 Vantage 1966

Engine R6 325 hp Göran Karlsson bought this car on an auction in England,
together with another four cars, among them the Ferrari which today is held at the museum.

After success in motor racing Aston Hill Climb Aston Martin was formed 1914, earlier it was called Bamford and Martin Ltd, after Rubert Ramford and Lionel Martin who started the company.

At this time Aston Martin produced racing cars. They had much success. Anyway this didn’t help. The economy was bad and the company was rebuild several times ahead to 1947. This year it was bought by David Brown.

Brown was a wealthy man and had earned his money by producing tractors. At the same time when he bought Aston Martin, he also bought the car factory Lagonda. These two companies were put together to Aston Martin Lagonda.

Brown is also the man behind the DB models, where DB stands for David Brown. This was started with DB1 1948. The DB1 was a rebuild version of the prototype Atom, the car which was the main reason why David Brown bought the company.

Aston Martin has changed owners several times, since David Brown was forced to sell in the 1970th. The next latest buyer was Ford which now has sold it after an ownership since 1987.