Valve system sub engine. Ref 1
Valve system sub engine. Ref 1
Technical museum. Swedish sub U3.
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Ubåt U3. Ref.1
Ubåt U3.
Översiktbild U3. Ref. 1
Oveview U3.
Räddningsklocka. Ref. 1
Safety telephone. This one is from sub Neptun.
Tornluckan. Ref. 1
Way o the tower.
Torpedrummet. Ref. 1
Sovplats för besättning. Ref. 1
One of the places for sleeping.
Periskoprummet. Ref. 1
Periscope room.
Styrpulpeten. Ref. 1
Steering pulpet.
Vet ej var. Ref. 1
Don't know where.
Stege upp genom tornluckan. Ref. 1
Way to the tower. The pipe is there when climbing up to keep body in place.
Kockkens plats. Ref. 1
Kitchen place.
Motorrummet. Ref. 1
Engine room. Note there is no coverover valves for the 8 cyl MAN Kockums engines. Note 4 valves/cyl.
Detlj av ventilsystemet.
Detail picture of the valves. The silver colored device is for decompression cylinder room. This valve was usen on Swedish subs late 1980.
Styrpulpet. Ref. 1
Steering pulpet.
Toaletten. Ref. 1
Lavratory. To get rid of "it" it must be pumped to a second tank. It was not possible to have a direct way because of water pressure. Note back valve in the right upper corner.
Mellan vägg med lucka. Ref. 1
The different rooms in the sub can be isolated with this type of closing device. Hard for visitors to climb through.

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