Bosse, Uffe, Björn och Tord Fika på Mercedes museum.
Bosse, Uffe, Björn and Tord. Coffee break at Mercedes museum
Museum journey 2018
Visit at Otto Walz Herrenberg.
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Museum journey 2000: Sinsheim museum 2000, Mercedesmuseet 2000, Porsche museet 2000Bugatti museet 2000, Ziegenhagen museet 2000

The serie of the museum travel 2018 to Sinsheim, Rogers Gasthaus, NSU, Porsche, Rogers Gasthaus, Mercedes, visit at Otto Walz, Keller Gasthaus, Bugatti and Peugeot, Keller Gasthaus, driving to Frankfurt and flying home. This travel was made during 19/3 to 23/3 when we were back at Arlanda Stockholm. Here I show some of the almost 2000 pictures which I photographed together at all museums. Mest most pictures were taken at Bugatti with 642 pics. Some pictures of the members in the group was taken by Tord.

Page 1 when we arrived at Otto Walz, Page 2 Visit at Walz Motorsport, Page 3 Otto Walz and his awards, Page 4 Mc:s on exhibition. Page 5 Tour around his works store. Page 6 Reserve

Page 1

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Visit at Otto Walz


Herrenberg Moto Club

Clubmeeting and Otto Walz in Germany

About Maico

About Greeves

About Moto Guzzi

Moto Guzzi. Ref. 1
Moto Guzzi owner Otto Walz.
Moto Guzzi owner Otto Walz. Ref. 1
Moto Guzzi owner Otto Walz.
Otto Walz i sitt garage. Ref. 1
Otto in his garage. Ref. 1
En av Ottos BMW. Ref. 1
 One of Otto's BMW. Ref. 1
Firma Walz motorsport. Ref. 1
Close to the inlet of Walz BMW and Yamaha sales store we found this sign. Ref. 1
Note that Ottos firm is 2020 sold to another owner still selling BMW..
After carefully gone through Mercedes Benz Museum and beeing chocked by it's an imposing building. We took the elevator down to visitors garage, found our car without trouble. The car slowly rolled against the ticket control, put in the paper and the bar went up. I am always nervous to make a quick start before the gate is closed again.
Around Mercedes buildings there is very narrow streets but with help on Tomtom we found our way out and headed to Herrenberg and Otto Walz. It was on the 21/3 in the afternoon.
During the way to we stopped for coffee and snacks to chew. Furthere more we got to know it cost 70 pence for toilet. It is 7 Skr. Bosse had no change and went out at talked to a tree, but it can be costly in Germany, because there are no free land.
In Germany there are partly country side and much area of  arable. This makes traveling amusing. Then there are communities which never ends. Next village will start without one notice. In this way we suddenly was inside Herrenberg.
After some tunnels, road works and places where measuring air pollution were continues controlled.
Tord had earlier asked me to phone Otto to inform him about our arrival. I practiced a little what to say in german, breathed deeply and phoned. It was a mobile number so he answered and I told him my message. "Wir kamen in dreizig minuten an", and an excuse for my bad german speeking. He answered  "Es ist keine problem". We rolled in Herrenberg into a living house area continued through nice houses and stopped outside Otto Walz chateau.
We were lucky because Otto was out preparing cargo for his VW buss. He didn't recognize Tord, but after presentation, this was solved. He had expected us to show up att his sales place.
This made no problem because now we got to see his private cycles, which he had gatherer during his active years. He was often in Italy to compete. There cross drivers often were invited for competitions and for that they were paid. Because of this there were several Moto Guzzis from different years in excellent condition.
Well after this little tour in his two garages we agreed to follow his VW to the firm where everything was prepared.

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Visit at Walz Motorsport

Otto förvisde stolt sin BMW specialcab. Ref. 1
Otto proudly showed his BMW with special doors and cab. Ref. 1
Bosse var noga att lägga över igen. Ref. 1
Bosse was urgent to cover the mcs again. Ref. 1


Pictures from Italy with Otto and Swedish drivers

Veteran meeting at Imola and WABEHA

Otto who already in the beginning of 1950 started with moto cross driving. He succeeded good with his Maico mc:s. They were produced by a small firm in Germany. One of his victories was at Dornberg rennen 1954 with Maico. Later he was several times German champion with this mark. In Germany Maico was the hot mark at this time. Here his complete champion results: German champion in motocross 125 cc 1957, 175 cc 1958, driving 175, 359 and 500 1969 and 1962.
When driving i Germany they were not paid so much. It was better in Italy.
There the organizers often arranged inviting competitions.
Among those Otto Walz was one of the permanent drivers. Others who also were invited were the swedish cross drivers like Sten Lundin, Torsten Hallman, Bill Nilsson, Lindström and others. Otto learned to know them. When the MC club in Surahmmar oarganized a meeting for cross veterans, it happened that we got to know Otto Walz through Lindström. He has several old cross mc:s in the mc museum. This why we were on a visit to meet Otto Walz and make a closer knowledge of this driver with swedish connections.

Visit at Walz Motorsport

Otto Wals ned den dien firma hand skapat. Ref. 1
Otto Walz. German champion in motocross 125cc 1957, 175 cc 1958, also with 175, 350 and 500 cc, 1960 and 1962.
2018 in front of his firm which he has created. Honoured member in Herrenberg Motorclub. Here he has BMW and Yamaha for sale. Today his children handle the most activities. Ref. 1

Here Heidi had made a table with juice, tea or bier cakes and some coockies. The chewing resistance were the typical german cakes. In Swedish I should call it trifles. I was though a bit afraid of these suger compressed coockies. Instead I drank beer and ate coockies.
Varje förståndig man har en duktig livbeledsagare. Här Heide som skötte alla frågor som dök up. Ref.1
 Every sensible man has a clever girlfrind aside in the long run. Here Heidi who took over all questions which arose. Ref.1
Här står Uffe. nästan i giv akt inför när Heidi kommer tillbaka från ett uppdrag. Ref. 1
 Here Uffe almost standing attention waiting for Heidis arrival from some sort of mission. Ref. 1
Denna paranta dam, Heidi, hade Otto tidigt träffat någonstans under sin tävlande period. Ref. 1
 This elegant lady, Heidi, Otto had met somewhere during his competitions. Ref. 1
Intensivt pratande tyska med Heidi. Ref. 1
I was lucky to get Heide besides me at the table. I think I managed. Bosse and Uffe noticed our conversation. Ref. 1 
Vårt kaffebord. Ref. 1
The coffee table. One seat is empty when Tord had raised  to take photoes. Ref. 1 
Fortsatt diskussion på tyska med Heidi. Ref. 1
Heidi was very nice and alert and listen to me very polite. Here I try to explain my plans to make a website from this visit. Ref. 1 

Page 3


Otto Walz and his awards


German motocross legendaries

The victory at Dornberg rennen for Otto and Maico 1954

250 cc mästare 1966 Otto Walz. Ref. 1
In the basement we saw a  price cermony laurel placed upon some pipes just under the ceiling. This is the destiny for all price laurels. Her the champion laurel from 1966.

Tyska mästare 1954-1957. Ref. 1
German cahmpions 1954-57. Ref. 1
Tyska mästare 1958-1963. Ref. 1
German champions 1958-63. Ref. 1

Från ärans plats till långtidsförvaring. Ref. 1
Winners laurels has there best times for some years. Then they are placed at a honoring place for long time storage. Ref. 1
Seger vid Flyplats tävlingen 26/8 90. Ref. 1
The victory laurel from Flugplatz rennen 26/8 90. Ref. 1
Tidningsklipp som ver mer viktiga än alla de som hamnade i urklippsboke. Ref.1
Paper notes which were more important than those put in the paper clipping book. This headline is "Those bayling engines in Ansbach". Ref.1
Prissamlingen på kontoret. Ref. 1
Part one from Otto's price collection in his office. Ref. 1
Del 2 av prissamlingen på Ottos gamla kontor där han arbeta varje dag för sin pensionering. Ref. 1
Part two of Otto's price collection in his old working office, where he earlier worked every day before his children took over. Ref. 1
Del 3 av prissamlingen i chefens gamla kontor. Ref. 1
Part three of Otto's price collection insde his old office. Ref. 1
Del 4 av prissamlingen. Ref. 1
Part 4 of Otto's price collection. Ref. 1
Här föddes iden till en egen konstuerad cykel. Ref. 1
In his old office the idea of an own constructed cross machine was realized. Ref. 1
WABEHA was short for Otto Walz  and two other members of the team in Walz Motocross. The expierence of the team after several years of competitions worked out to be a new type of cross mc. There was certain production, but became not well known in the result lists.
På olika platser har Otto stoppat undan minnesplanscher. Ref 1
 On different places in the basement Otto had placed remembering boards. Ref 1
Dessa sammanställda tavlar brukar vara gåvor från vänner inom sporten. Ref. 1
 These boards often used to be gifts from friends or officials within the cross sport. Ref. 1
Från ett arrangemang i Milano. Ref. 1
 This from an arrangement in Milano. Ref. 1

Page 4


Cycles in the exhibitions hall and used store for winter in the basement


About Gilera

About Moto Guzzi
Gilera. Ref. 1
One Gilera was placed in the front part of the exhibition hall, where also a cooffee table was placed. This table was of course here as a sales refinement, where last point of the contract is discussed. Ref. 1
Moto Guzzi. Ref. 1
Besides the Gilera one Moto Guzzi stood shining in perfect shape. Just like new. Ref. 1
Ny BMW till salu. Ref. 1
The cycles for sale. In this case a BMW. We looked at the price notes and could notice that price is about the same in Sweden. But we don't know if taxes is the same. Ref. 1
Märkning av iordninggjord begagnad cykel, placerad i källarens förrådsrum. Ref. 1
 In the basement several mc:s were stored. Markings are of different colored clips. This may be a ready made used mc. Ref. 1
En begagnad cykel som fått en blå klänypa. Riktigt skillnaden pådem komjag inte riktigt underfund med. Ref. 1
 One another mc with a blue clip may be one for winter storage. I could not get to know the full knowledge about this. Ref. 1

Page 5


Sightseeing trip in works and store


En BMW får en vinteröversyn. Ref. 1
One BMW gets it's winter overhaul. The cycle was also interesting because of the extra lowered sofa. Ref. 1

Now, when coffee drinking was over Otto suggested to take a tour around to see his different locals of his firm. In the selling department, we had already looked around on our own initiatives. Here there were everything from mc:s, spare parts, driving clothes and of course a cashier and so on.
Otto showed the way into the repair room. It was as nice as in a drawing-room. Look at the picture showing Otto and Bosse. The floor is clean, the walls have nice paintings and the tool cabinets have no black finger marks on the handles.
In the middle of the room there were 4(5) hydraulic lifters which are used while reparations are done.
Otto was carefull to show us everything he was proud of. Among this an electric central which included control of light, supervision of heating the building and controling electricity from the sunpanels on backside of the building.
Here he also had the spare store for all different years of BMW and Yamaha and don't forget all kind of screws and nuts.

Now we didn't know where we were when going up one half stairway. We entered the cantin for the staff. Nice and clean everywhere. Swedish works cantins have much to learn. Just notice the toilets!!
After another two stairs we entered the office part. There were two rooms and in one there was a nice girl working. I got the feeling, she didn't want to be disturbed. On one cabinet there was an electric typewriter placed. In the days of computers this was old fashion. Today they are used as decorations. The girl was working with a Lap-Top and excel.
The other room was Otto's private working room. Here he had brought out all the important ideas during his time when building up the company. Some price winning goblets which I took photoes of, but otherwise there was a long time since he used it. Today his childeren have taken over the daily work.

The tour was now finished and we were ready to say thank you, will see you soon again. Waving with all our hands, we rolled out from Otto's place and headed for Keller Gasthaus. The next day we will enter Bugatti museum. Thank you.

MC på lyften. Ref. 1
One mc on the hydraulic lift. In this case a Honda. We noted a bit carefully that it wasn't his saling badge. It's a friends!
Diskussion om det extra sänkta sätet på BMW. Ref. 1
Discussion about the lowered seat on a BMW. Tord has two BMWs. He could surely bring out good opinons. Ref.1
Avgas utsläpp för att ansluta en slang från avgasrören. Praktiskt när skulle provköra motorn. Ref.1
Exhaust inlet enter for a flexible pipe from a test running mc. This is much practical, when testing the engine. This system was Otto very proud of. Ref.1
I källaren kom vi till Ottos egen lilla renoveringsverkstad. Ref. 1
In the basement we entered the very private work place for Otto's renovations. Maybe there wasn't so intensive work for the moment. Here one Maico. Ref. 1
Här en special Maico ram med tunnare rör för att få ned vikten. Ref. 1
Bosse is showing the lightness of a special Maico frame. It is new built with thinner pipes just to lower the weight. Bosse lift it easy. Ref. 1

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