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98 cc mc:s

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Ref 1 Björn Bellander
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Swedish version
Parilla 1956. Ref 1
Parilla Scooter
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Parilla Scooter. Ref 1

Huskvarna Parilla is very much a copy of Lambretta. Specially over design and engine.  It was appreciated for the several things  and posses for some bad qualities like placement of handles. Good things were brakes and road ability. Wheel suspension was god for passenger. Front suspension could not bottom.  The scooter had double silencer and this gave a good low sound. Complaint was for gaswire and signal horn button placement. It was equipped with the Huskvarna engine with 118 cc and 4.3 ps.

Heinkel Trojan. Ref 1

Heinkel history

Heinkel Kabine
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Heinkel Trojan. Ref 1

Heinkel Kabine T153S Irish made. 1951-1965
Ernst Heinkel, 1888-1958, formed his company 1922 in Rostock for producing airplanes. He had earlier worked for Albatross. Well known fighter plane during WWI. He developed several successful types of airplanes. About this you can read as much as you like on internet. After WWII when war material were forbidden to manufacture in Germany by German owned companies, he started to make two stroke engines and delivered among others to SAAB the three cylinder variant. This despite that his works had been moved and blown up by the Russians. Heinkel manufactured also mini cars and scooters 1950. The production from Heinkel of small cars and scooters characterized that they had mostly 4-stroke engines. For ex. Heinkel Tourist 1953, and Heinkel Kabine. The idea was that the unit must be as light as possibly and for this reason didn't need any big engine. Max 200 cc. The scooter was sold in large numbers, while the small car was not popular enough so he lost money on that production. In the middle of 50 th Heinkel was again allowed to produce airplanes in cooperation with the Americans. F104-Starfighter. When this happened Heinkel sold the production rights of Heinkel Kabine to Ireland. That company had big difficulties to maintain the quality and their license was withdrawn. At this time the Vereigente-Flugzueg-Werke was formed, VFW, 1965, to Weserflug and Focke-Wulf, and 1980 this company was then joined with Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm. Ernst Heinkel was not popular in the Nazi party and all his works were confiscated by the Nazis. They could do that because Germany had established plane economy. By this reason he was one of the first that started with airplane production 1955. This was a short story about Heinkel. Those who want to read more search my links or on the internet. Of great interest is his book "Stormy Life".

Monark 250 cc. Ref 1

Monark history
Monark tools

Huskvarna Änglavinge. Ref 1

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Monark 250 cc. Ref 1
This model with 250 cc engine was very popular and the different models were sold 1951 to 1953. The engine was a 250 cc JLO engine and had 11.5 ps. The owners were so pleased that the sent letters with thank you to the factory when they had made long rides through Europe. It had good handling beside roads and one had also driven up the highest mountain Kebnekajse in Sweden.

Huskvarna Änglavinge. ref 1

Huskvarna 98 cc "Änglavinge" 1940.

Apollo 98 cc 1939. Ref 1

DKW 1939. Ref 1
DKW history
All models

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Apollo 1939. Ref 1

DKW 1939. Ref 1

DKW 1916-
DKW was a name formed by the words "Dampf-Kraft-Wagen". It was founded 1916 by the Dane Jörgen Skafte Rasmussen who from 1920 built light 2-stroke bikes. During time between the wars DKW was the largest mc producer. After WWII the Zschopay factory was in the east zone and cycles from here were named MZ. Compare with the BMW situation. East Germany was not allowed to use the name DKW. In 1949 production started in Ingolstadt in the west zone, using the name DKW, today main place for Auto Union to produce mc and cars. In the 50 th DKW designed several models which were copied on the terms of war compensation claims and were sold almost identically. For ex. the RT 125 cc was copied by BSA to a new name Bantam. Several fusions took place on the market and when those have ended, DKW as a mark came to a halt. DKW is replaced by Auto-Union with parent VAG concern 1964. The last 2-stroke engine was made 1976.

Bufallo Sachs 1938. Ref 1

Huskvarna 1938. Ref 1

MC98 Motor Show
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Bufallo Sachs 1938

Huskvarna 1938. Ref 1

Moto Maraton 1938. Ref 1
Rex Willers 98 cc 1939. Ref 1

MC98 Motor Show
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Moto Maraton 1938. Ref 1

Rex Willers 1939. Ref 1

Monark Ilo gengas 1938. Ref 1

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Monark gengas. Ref 1

                             Gengasinstruktion. Ref 1

  MC98 Motor Show
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       Lättviktarens historia. Ref 1

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