German petrol tanks. Was later copied to the Jeep tank. Ref 1
 German petrol tanks.  Ref 1
Former Malmköping Military museum
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Studebaker snow cat m/29

Info snow scooter. Ref 1
 Info snow scooter. Ref 1



Malmkoping military museum. Studebaker snow vehicle. Ref. 1
Malmkoping military museum. Studebaker snow vehicle. Ref. 1

Studebaker Snow cat.

When this snow cat was on the drawing board for production in Sweden this American wagon was a pattern.

This type on picture came to Europe during the fighting in Norway around Rjukan and the heavy water.

Swedish army bought some after the war. I have no information how they were used.

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Swedish version

Swedish panzer car




Panzer car


Malmkoping military museum. Swedish panzer hunter. Ref. 1
Malmkoping military museum. Swedish panzer hunter. Ref. 1

Panzerterrain car 9031.

This Jeep looking car was equipped with a panzer canon. It's use was in first hand to fight other panzer protected vehicles.

It was produced by Bofors and had a 90 mm panzer canon 1110. When the order was fully delivered the army had 1600 copies.

The car was often driven in terrain and accidents often happened, when the car laid on side. Later a protection cover was added over the seating area.

During the military trainings, the vehicles didn't took part in actions. This because it was not protected for splinter. The main idea with this vehicle was that it should fight panzer, but the idea was ineffective.

The vehicle was taken out of army organization during 1980. The car was later sold to the Baltic states.


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Swedish version


Info Hercules engine. Ref 1
Info Hercules engine. Ref 1


Hercules Studebaker

Hercules Diamond T

Diamond T M20

Diamond T 980

Hercules pictures

Hercules Story


Hercules engine. Ref 1
Hercules engine. Ref 1

At Oldsmobile the board had got a new leader 1902 since Samuel Smith died. His son Fredric took over.

Ransom and Fredric could not work together and this ended with that Ransom quit and left the company.

In big business it is said when a leader quit, it is on his own demand. On the either hand Fredric was President and of course he forced Ransom Eli Olds to quit.

Ransom now sold all his shares and withdraw to Lansing. With this money he started new car production with the name REO Motor Car Company.

This was the initials in Ransom's own name. He had all knowledge to start new production and from 1905 till 1909 he succeeded to sell several different types of cars.

Ransom's old company in Detroit, Smith Olds Motor Works was sold 1908 to REO Royale Eight. Ref 48General Motors. Ransom started now instead with banking and took no active part in his old company.

Although he interfered 1934 when the company was on the way to go bankrupt.

When Reo started to produce large lorries 1936, he withdrew from all work.

The firm Reo was later bought by White Trucks and REO was merge into Diamont T in order to take care of production effects. Here the connection with the WWII lorries for American army can be seen.

Volvo lorries also had a word in these merging with White Trucks in the end of Malmkoping military museum. Ref. 11990. During the war there were no lack of jobs but when war ended it was hard to sell. During some time the company produced Malmkoping military museum. Ref. 1garden machines and also marine engines and also other kind of production.

Olds company creations ended as a reorganized company in steel scrap. May be a hard end this way but Nucor Corporation handled recycling of car steel (intresting site). Nucor recycling 2007 corresponded to 1 SUV car every fourth second.

The REO Hercules engine on picture is for sure stored since the collection has moved to Arsenalen outside Strängnäs.

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Swedish version 

Info Continental 22R. Ref 1
Info Continental 22R. Ref 1


Red Ball Express


Malmkoping military museum. Continental engine. Ref. 1
Malmkoping military museum. Continental engine. Ref. 1

Everything that were gathered in the Malmköping collection of engines have been moved and stored at Arsenalen in Strängnäs.

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Swedish version

Info Svenska Torrpedbåtar. Ref 1
Info Swedish Torpoeboats. Ref 1Isottaengine for Caproni bomber at air museum Sweden. Ref 1
Isotta engine for Caproni bomber at air museum Sweden. Ref 1Isotta air plane engine at former Skokloster museum.  Ref 1
Isotta air plane engine at former Skokloster museum. Ref 1Isotta airplane engine mounted in service jig at former Skokloster museum. Ref . 1
Isotta airplane engine mounted in service jig at former Skokloster museum. Ref . 1Infotorpedoe boats at former Skokloster museum. Ref 1
Info torpedoe boats at former Skokloster museum. Ref 1



Isotta Fraschini

Torpedoe boats

About MTB engines

Malmkoping military museum. Isotta Fraschini W18. Ref. 1
Malmkoping military museum. Isotta Fraschini W18. Ref. 1

There are a few names which car interested people in Sweden must know about and mention with pride in discussions at club meetings and other kind of meetings.

Some of these names are Hedlund, Mannerstedt, Mellde and Curt Borgenstam. The last was Marine director and was one of those who built up the Swedish Motor torpedo boat fleet.

In this position he travelled a lot to Italy where he among other military equipment handled the Swedish buy of the unhappy destroyers.

Those engines which later came for the torpedo boats were Isotta Fraschini. One of these can be seen at Köping museum and  former Skokloster museum, sold to Automuseum in Simrishamn but not on stand. One engine was also on stand here in Malmköping.

The engine had three rows with 6 cylinders and gave 1500 ps. those boats which were built in the end of 50th and 60 had three engines mounted with about 1800 ps each.

One type of boat T-100 had no reversing gear. Instead one of the three V20 Diesel engines was stopped and prepared for back running by moving over the camshafts. When order came this engine was started with compressed air. The engine with 2500 ps only ran for a few seconds when closing up for quay.

Isotta Fraschini were often mounted in airplanes which Sweden bought from Italy. Among others Caproni. See picture.

Jan Blomkvist who was my boss during my time at Hedemora Diesel for 9 years is now 2014 reseller of Isotta Fraschini engines, placed in Hälsingborg.

I got a very informative mail from Rune Olsson, who both had made service on Torpedo boats and also refresher courses. See link.

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Swedish version


Info om Den mindre Hercules motorn. Ref 1
Info om Den mindre Hercules motorn. Ref 1


Red Ball Express


Malmkoping military museum. Studebaker engine for Volvo. Ref. 1
Malmkoping military museum. Studebaker engine for Volvo. Ref. 1

Here a living proof for the rumour that Volvo copied their lorry engine with an American one. The engine was a Studebaker. Further the rumour that the Volvo V8 which came in the 50 th had it's original from Studebaker V8.

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Swedish version

The German Jeep can.





Malmkoping military museum. German fuel dunks. Ref. 1
Malmkoping military museum. German fuel cans. Ref. 1

The Jeep can as we today associate with the Willys Jeep. The truth is that it is a copy of the German petrol can. The shown cans are German made.

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