Mångsbodarna 1961. Ref 1

My military service in
Revingehed and Jönköping

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Swedish version

Revingehed 1958


Created  07-09-28
©Björn Bellander


Björn at examination day. Ref 1After my graduation 1958, all boys at that time were called up for military service. I chose to ask for a delay because of university studies in Stockholm because of searching for dentist line. Because of that I was 1958 called in for a summer service at Revingehed. This was at part of regiment I7 in Ystad and later named P7. Here they normally learned the handle the battle wagons. Sweden had some English Centurion wagons and they used those very carefully. I was placed in the physician platoon. This one had separate practice and less of all with battle wagons. The closest in killing tools we came was a pistol of Walthers production. According to my feeling a complete dangerous weapon as it was to heavy for me.
Revinge was a good place as the ground was only of sand. To be out practicing was of that reason rather easy and also this special platoon was also handled very carefully comparing to other pioneer soldiers.
I, compared to most of the other boys was way down in my education and it should also later be shown that I didn't continued this study.
I was once punished to clean some tents. Sergeant Parfors who handled this punishing was a short and chubby man approved my work and I could go back to my room.
Once I went as a guard and got a blowing up for not sending away a man who wanted join service. At that time lone men often went back to there regiment because here they had good contacts, food and nice beds. Outside Revinge there is a long straight road. Here the Swedish racing authority had arrangement for speed records with racing cars.
Joakim Bonnier did hit a record here with a Maserati 200 S. This car Allard Maserati Ferrari at Karlskoga 1967.Olle Leufve'n drove at Karlskoga 1967. It is the car in the middle. The Ferrari is my car. Read more in Cars MC. In any case this straight was a popular place for practicing marches. Most were of course hitch-hiking with the sand lorries who used this road.

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Revingehed 1958

I could also be nervous. During my guarding, I was sent to go with a message about something I don't remember. Knocked on the door and was going to do a delivery according to regulations. It went no better than I stuttered and the officer asked me to go out again for making a new try. Of course they who were sitting there had a good time for me. okay it was accepted the second time.
I had once contact with Jerzy Einhorn, as I had hurt my finger. I was sent to him and remembered well his nice doctor's hands when he looked at my wound. That was the way a good doctor handles his patient and giving me the feeling that he knew what to do. About doctors I had to go to the dentist once. The dentist tried to show himself to be well educated and reported my status for the nurse in a way that I understood he was joking with me. Okay I didn't say anything although I knew my teeth was in good order.
We had one boy who didn't want to carry weapons. This was the time when you got prison if you refused. He tried everything to to be send home. The popular way was to have pain in the back. Lucky for him he broke his arm during one exercise.
The time at Revinge was ended as all military endings with a demobilize party. This was placed at Edvard Persson's Hostelry. I don't remember but many became very intoxicated and the next day I woke up in the wrong bed. I had felt it was a bit overcrowded.
I didn't got any closer contact with the other in platoon but here is a group photo from that time.
   Groupphoto from 1958 by the artplutoon at Revingehed.
Back row from left.
Daniel Hedlund dentist Skärholmen, Stenström, unknown, Kimber, Sven Jisander doc. Lund, Degerbeck dentist Stockholm, Stig Edward dentist Göteborg, Ola Laveson dentist Konigswinter Germany.
Middle row from left.
Björn Ekblom doc. KS/GIH, unknown, Nilsson doc, unknown, Erik Rosengren dentist Tranås, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Björn Bellander engineer Virsbo, Hans Larsson dentist Linköping, Torbjörn Lund dentist Stockholm, Ahrén dentist, Per Åseskog dentist Borås.
Front row from left.
unknown, unknown, Urban Edlund dentist. Tyskland, unknown, Jerzy Einhorn doc. KS +, Lieutenant Ingelstam,
unknown, unknown, Urban Bielke Stocksund, Ringius doc., unknown.
Help with names has been Ola Laveson.
One thing is clear. All of them became great depending of their qualifications.

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Jönköping A6
Barracks and the ongoing building of motorway through Jönköping. Ref. 1
Colonel Walter Lundkvist. Ref. 1Major Killander and Captain Nyberg. Ref. 1 Lieutenant Gerhardsson. Ref 1Sergeant major of artillery Björkman och Sergeant Betmark. Re.f 1Staff sergeant Herbert Gunnarsson. Ref. 1

I never became a dentist so my military service continued in Jönköping. I was transferred there by coincidence. This was depending of the three months I had done in Revinge.  I was from the beginning belonging to A1 Stockholm. I was sent to A6 where they could take another 2. Because there was yet another boy sent there. Number and name as they say I have forgotten. We got a ticket to Jönköping and had to make ourselves known to a captain Nyberg. He received us with hard hands and thought that we were some criminal types that they didn't want to keep at A1. After a while he backed hand greeted us welcome. I don't really remember how this first contact ended. My mate didn't like military and went on with a bad back and was sent home some time later.
I was placed in a support platoon, with the specialty of sound checking. This was meant to help our artillery to place their shells in the right place. We had also to report where their shells exploded. To be able to do this we run out in the forest and placed microphones and connected them through a net of telephone cables. These cables led to our center and machines that helped us to calculate the difference in time between the arrival of sound to the microphones. This gave us the possibility to count where the shell had exploded. There were 2 kind of systems, one with short net and one with long net. These two had different machine equipments.
Our commands, or should they be called teachers can be seen to the left. First you have the colonel and then Major Killander and Captain Nyberg. The last two was not so good friends but respected of course each other. Our Lieutenant Magnus Gerhardsson (major 2006) was a man in early career and I had the feeling that he had possibility to advance far. Anyway he had an extra nice way to make salute. Met him once by coincidence in Stockholm. It was only my eyes that observed him. Then we had the training command with Sergeant Major Björkman and Sergeant Betmark. This was 2 very good men that had the responsibility to educate us. Above all we liked Sergeant Herbert Gunnarsson best. As having the lowest rang we could see that he had the lowest payment because he never used his fur coat even if it was really cold.
We were also placed for noncommissioned officers. This should result in Sergeants grade.
The first time went for educating for troop handling. This meant that we practiced with giving orders and after some months we were quite good and our orders went in without a fluting voice.
Rydell commanding. Siming and Wittgren, 2 boys from sothern of Sweden, trying to obey. Ref 1The boys at their night quarter from left Eddie Nilsson, Hellgren, Göte Larsson, (on his knees) Lars Larsson, Wittgren, Björn Bellander, Siming (?), Bengt Bellander. Ref 1

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Jönköping 1960-61

Björn Bellander on his way to a checkpoint east of Huskvarna. Ref 1
Björn training with a horizontal meter. Ref 1
Going through measure equipment. Bengt Bellander, Sergenat Major, unknown, Göte Larsson. Ref 1
Wittgren preparing for the microphone. In this case the large net. Ref 1
Packning of the equipment outside the  storage room. Ref 1

Training. 2 boys at the impuls reciever. Ref 1
A picture from the burst patrol. Ref 1

    Sound equipment and tent outside storage room. From left Lars Larsson, Ryhle, Björn B, Hellgren, Sergeant, Eddie Nilsson, Bengt Fredriksson, Wittgren and Rydell. Ref 1    Time for discussion. Ryhle, Lars Larsson. Ref 1
This summer was tremendous fine and we had always god nice warm times in front of the storage house. For the moment we have picked Sergeant Betmark on his way to their mess. Ref 1Favourite position for Sergeant Major Björkman. Ref 1.out the heavy sound equipments.
Our commanders came and gave us some orders what to do, then they went to the mess as not the warmness of the sun was to nice. You can see our Sergeant Major position. I remember that we took time and got 45 min. We admired him for that. That is "Long time in military service". Ok we could also take care of the opportunity to close our eyes, when we had time.
Hellgren. Ref 1Arranged picture when we made a checkpoint. Ref 1The man from Bofors Rydell and Wittgren from Skåne. Ref 1
To know our exact point we learned to count our right position. First a direction then the angle for sun or was it the moon.
Angle equipment. Ryhle.  Ref 1A little more advanced angle equipment. Björn B. Ref 1
The worst case was to go a measuring walk from a known point. At this time there were no satellites or gps or some other refinements. We had to use compass, angle tool and measuring tape. We had also to measure horizontally and that was not so easy. The nature was judged with a coefficient to make correction of what measuring tape showed.

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Jönköping 1960-61

Lyric picture outside the storage brracks. Bengt Bellander and Lars Larsson. Ref 1
Our best Staff Sergeant Gunnarsson. Ref 1
In the tent everything had it's place. Note the bayonet. Ref 1

Food service in the forrest outside Jönköping. Major Sergent Björkman course first. Ref 1

Ready to go home to Gustavsberg outside the brracks in Skillingaraydi Skillingaryd. Björn B. in front of Rydell. Ref 1Every week there were holidays. At that time most of us went home. South or north. For the moment we were for training at the range of Skillingaryd. I had some times driven there with my B-Ford 32. In this car I had company with some other boys when going home to the Stockholm area. There was no problem with cold air. We were The boys are loaded in outside backseat. Björn B, Göte Larsson, Rydell, Bengt Bellander. Ref 1young. The important thing was to go home. It also happened that we tried to hitch hiking. But you never knew if you could come home. 1961 it was yet possible.  Most drivers had a good eye to military boys. It happened once that I got a lift to my home. But it was an one of a kind. For me are names like Ljungarums Kyrka, Barnarp, Stigamo and Byarum way down in my memory. For ex. 2 mm south M in Ljungarum. North My ice hockey friend from Bofors. Rydell. Ref 1of Skillingaryd we had once a 2 days exercise. In this there was an attack on the enemies sleeping quarter. We got critics for bad shooting It had hit to high up. It should be that way even if we did well. Then one man was "hurt" and had to be carried home. To prevent him for walk by himself his shoes were painted with yellow The gang in the tent. Björn B, Wittgren, Sten Nilsson, Bengt B, Lars Larsson. Ref 1color. I was one of the lightest in our group. They did not take much care of the wounded one. It was almost dangerous to be carried on the military stretcher. At the end of this training the mode was really bad for everyone. Anything could have started a fight. The boys from Skåne were most near the point. Bengt B remember: I remember the horrible practice North Skillingaryd close to the Christmas 1960. We slept in tent and it was -25° and the fire in tent didn't function. Our commanders let the air out of  the tires of our lorries. Reason is that we had no guard. The last test was to drag ammunition boxes filled with concrete. That was the time to live.
When it was time to leave of absence everything was done with military precision. Not a minute must not be lost. The one that didn't manage his doings in time got a bad situation. Cleaning and care of kits must not get any criticism. Once we were place at the range of Villingsberg. All in my group were going home except me. I was perhaps little late although nothing pressed me. We had been in tent for over a month so perhaps I was a little down in the dumps...

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Jönköping 1960-61
Hellgren driving. Ref 1
There was not much to do without tools. Ingemar Höglund. Ref 1
Here I am coming. Ref 1

It might be Ryhle. Ref 1We also had some training on motorbikes. The training track was situated on the practice field. To run bikes was very amusement. Everybody tried to drive as much as possible. The bikes were Monark Blue Arrow 250 or CZ. They were rather well used. We had to kick and run with them before they started. Björn B. Ref 1It was always someone who got good one. The responsible officer in machine room of course did his best with them. No one of us had so much mechanical bike knowledge. All of us were boys who were expected to continue to university. I should think that it was here I got the taste of motoring interest. This woke Rydell. Ref 1up 1983 and after my retirement. If transportation with motorbikes was one type of movement,
was the other our 934 transport trucks it was the most important transport link for a sound platoon in order to come to place. These robust 6-wheelers are today (2006) sold to foreign armies. Normally we were placed 2 km behind front line. Here our place was between our artillery and the pioneer units. We had to take good care of our line net. It could easily been destroyed if to many soldiers was in the area. In peace time there were mostly elks and deers who destroyed our communication cables.

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Jönköping 1960-61

Out in the field. Ref 1
Inside the tent .Eddie Nilsson, B. Bellander, Wittgren. Ref 1
Teaching by Eddie Nilsson. Look at the glansing shoes. Ref 1

Control before going to Mångsbodarna. Ref 1A transport for en exercise always began with control on the barrack square, just to get the order "get ready, forward".  We always drove with ours 934 and got good knowledge of that truck. One thing, that was not god, was the air pressure brakes. It had no soft brake function, because the wheels easily locked. This happened once at forest roads of Villingsberg when the driver had to make some braking. It was out in the range. The car suddenly stopped and everybody sitting on the platform body went forward and got some bruises. Then we barked at the driver who couldn't help the incident. We did much deployment when building our net. At the end of this period we were quite good doing this. It had developed a system that those who were good at special things always carried out that. I myself always handled the electric works on the engine. It was a two  stroke engine. I got now and then trouble with the spark plug. When the lamps became dark it was always "Bellander out and fix the engine!" I had always tools in my pocket. Multiple knife, screw driver and an small wrench. Without these tool I wasn't properly dressed.
Sometime a transport could be separate. Our leader must have had good confidence for us. Here you have some pictures from Kilsbergen when the road edge could not carry the heavy 934. I, as a driver, at this moment had only to turn out on the field otherwise the truck might have overturned. It could have been a bad thing for the boys on the platform body.
The owner of that field, the farmer, was politely listening on my excuses and information where to go if he wanted any compensation. I had the feeling that he smiled a little and remembered his own time in 934  in the field. Ref 1934 from behind. Ref 1
the military service. I never heard anything more about this.
Then I activate all what was of differential locks and six wheel drives and was easily up on road again.

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Jönköping 1960-61
Unloading. On the way out is Fredriksson.  Ref 1

Ingemar Höglund coming downhill. Ref 1
Captain Nyberg is controlling our equipment for light sound system. Ref 1
Captain Nyberg is preparing. Ref 1
The area in front of the Sälen Hotel. Note the que behind. You see Sergeant Gunnarsson way back. Ref 1

Lyric picture through the side windscreen. Ref 1
There is always winter in Sweden and specially during the early 60th. Anyway I want to remember it that way. During one winter we were placed at Evertsberg and had make a driving march there. Here we had to live in tent during Mars and April. Our lieutenant did compete in the Vasaloppet. That we must see. I placed myself along the ski track close The toilet hose of the chalet. Ref 1before Evertsberg and counted the skiers coming. Gerhardsen came as number 76. That is such a number I never forget. He was I think rather tired. Evertsberg is about 40 km from start, because when I shouted 76 I got an angry "what". Our group had also a training competition in which I made a good result. Remember that we were skiing on military birch skis. I had Our sleeping quarter. Not the water container. Ref 1my downhill skis with iron edges and Kandahar ski binding. My luck was that the ski wax was just right. I got the comment "and Bellander was quite good". We were sleeping in tent. The urinate group was  just outside and the toilet was in one of the old houses of the chalet. No one were sitting there to long. Our main purpose here was of course training during winter conditions and even the most innocent tour was of course education for winter training. Most pictures I have are from excursions that were arranged for us. Among them we went to High Mountain Hotel of Sälen, and made several tours over the mountains. It was very nice for me because I had grown up in the northern part of Sweden. I had no problem standing the skis in contrast to the boys from Skåne. Ok they learned quickly.

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Jönköping 1960-61
Skijoring after the 934 truck. Rydell. Ref 1
The general chaos when skijoring. Ref 1
A training day just before going away. Lieutenant Gerardsson preparing an order. Ref 1
After embarking the truck it was some chaos to find ones skies. Ref 1
This was what should have been done in the igloo. Ref 1
Training to park the truck. Bengt B clear the snow. Ref 1
Pulling reindeer sleigh. Björn B with the sleigh and one of our drivers. Ref1
Bengt B on duty with the light sound equipment. Ref 1
This was the position for 30 minutes in the sun. Ref 1
Halt for refreshment. Eddie, Lars L, Björn B. Ref1

The group over the mountain a windy day. Ref 1The tours we made over the mountains were not always free from incidents. It was hard wind with snow. I got a crack in my ski. I made it through working with only one ski. Others who had broken had to continue with the reserve tips. On such a tour we built an igloo or  a simple wind protection. This Building an igloo on top of mountain. Ref 1time it was such a hard wind that we could not finish it. The meaning was that we should eat our food. This building was cancelled when we had come as far as the picture shows. Then we continued and the group went downhill into the protecting forest. Something that today youngsters won't do is to be Without experience there is not easy, but none got hurt. Ref 1transported by rope after a snow scooter or car. It was very difficult and very often it became tumult behind the vehicle. It was hard to keep the skis straight forward on the road. Downhill training was to be done outside hotel ski slope. The most difficult with that was to get a place in Björn B close to the truck. Ref 1the lift system. The cue was far as one could see. This is a thing that is put in order today (2006). Possibility was of course to go to the ski bar of the hotel. Though I don't know if anyone did because I never heard anyone boasting over that. About spirit I didn't hear of that. I don't even remember that the boys made jokes about alcohol before going on leave. Prepare food in a snowdrift one had to make it in a right way. It  is not the right way as the picture shows. It will not be sufficient heat over for the food. To much heat is taken up by the snow. It takes long time and all your meta tablets. Pulling reindeer sleigh was going good as longs as the snow wasn't soft. Pulling upward on soft basis was a hell. When going downhill with reindeer sleigh all pullers must have a brakeman holding the rear otherwise you went into the nearest tree. Mostly it was like a ski vacation with long resting periods. Remember when Sergeant Major had parked on his skis for 30 minutes. I think he felt it was a god time in the sun and no one of us said a word.

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Jönköping 1960-61
Of course i will be manu pause pictures. Its hard to bring out the camera while in action. Lars Larsson Sten Nilsson, Eddie Nilsson. Ref 1
Out on a long tour. Ref 1
All skis had the owners name and number. Ref 1
Göte Larsson share warm juice. Ref 1
Pause in the ski slope. Ref 1
Not all but the most important in our group. Fr.v. Göte Larsson, Hellgren, Siming, Ryhle, Lars Larsson, Bengt Bellander, Rydell, bakom kameran Björn Bellander. Ref 1
View over to Sälen High Mountain Hotel. Ref 1
? Karlsson. Ref 1
I am putting on ski wax in Mångsbodarna. Ref 1

Picture from "kitchen" in the forrest outside Trängslet. Ref 1

Gathering on the topp of Trängslet dam. Ref 1
A series of winter vacation pictures. The first is when we had a visit on the Trängslet dam. The artillery school had its training camp there. We had got new fur coats and new winter hats. Hellgren and Höglund in front.
Wonderfull lyric picture. Björn B, Lars Larsson, Eddie Nilsson. Ref 1
A wonderful picture from the top of ski slope. A pause in the sun turning the skis to make the free from eventual ice. Perhaps to add some ski wax. Björn, Lars L, and Eddie. Next picture almost a winner composition. It is Lars Larsson. He was later awarded the best man in our group when we ended up our service.
Lyric picture of Lars Larsson. Ref 1
Can it be better than this.
Pause during a holiday. Ref 1

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Groupphotos 1961

And on the last side as it should be a group photo from our main education time. The next is from the first refresher course in Trängslet.

New corporals in Jönköping  Augusti. Ref 1
Rear row (I have got help with names from Bengt Bellander) Missing: Jan Siming.
Bengt Bellander          ? Karlsson                 Eddie Nilsson                 ? Rydell                                  Kalle ?
                        Klas Torberger        ? Hellgren                 Göte Larsson              Bengt Fredriksson
Front row
? Wittgren            Ingemar Höglund          Öf. Herbert Gunnarsson       ? Ryhle
               Björn Bellander           Lt. Magnus Gerhardsson              Sten Nilsson                Lars Larsson

On the first refresher course only the two Bellander were called.

First retraining time at Trängslet. Ref 1

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