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HD view outside the new museum. Ref 1
One saturday I drove with my bike friend Evald to Hedemora in order to visit the mc museum there. I had phoned in advance to be sure that it was open. The owner is son to the former enthusiast who had worked all his life with cars and mc:s and even active in the local mc club. In this way he ad gathered many different types of mc:s and old cars. Hedemora is known for it's mc GP competitions in the 50th. I worked for 9 years at Hedemora Diesel and every morning I passed his old house. On his yard is there to old mechanical workshop where hi gathered his bikes. After his death there is no more any activity there. Down a small slope, not seen from the road is his old repair shop. Any refreshment of these buildings is not done. I remember very well when the old man died and everybody at my work talked about it.  One day in the spring there was auction in the place and all his motorbike were standing on his yard. But curious enough there were not any bike or car sold, what I could see.
The owner was nice and we had to remember him to get the fee. 20 Skr. Very cheap. Then he followed us around and told and answered our questions. As extra he rolled out an old 20th HD and kicked it so we could here it roaring. The bike started nicely. Then we asked if he had something interesting in the old repair garage. OK there is no problem to go there and have a look. Outside he had still some junk cars from middle of 50th and 60th, all English and German cars. Inside he had 2 T-Fords and one old children pedal car as a mini copy of Austin A30-A70. I remember that King of Sweden 2010 got one when he was a boy. Can possible be that one. Now rebuild with a small engine and car wheels.

T-Ford lorry. Sold. Ref 1

T-Ford. Sold. Ref 1







The old pedal car earlier owned by Swedish King XVI? Ref 1

ILO engine with friction driving. Ref 1







Husqvarna reinforced. Husqvarna. Ref 1

Infgo Huskvarna race machine. Ref. 1







From 1917 FN racing cycle. Ref 1

Racing cycle. Ref 1






Moto Reve sold to Torsång MC museum. Ref 1Info Moto Reve. Ref. 1






Help engine Furir. Ref 1

Info Colibri. Ref. 1







It was very narrow and hard to take photos inside the dark locals. Sorry to say it is hard to identify all mc:s so a new visit is done 2010.
Upstairs where most of the motorbikes where stored  had perhaps been the living apartment while downstairs had been the old repair shop. One ILO bicycle motor and many for me now unknown motorcycle brands. Look at the old open fire in background behind the V2 bike.
The Husqvarna with reinforced pipe on both sides. The side mc quipped with changeable third wheel slopeness. Several old what we today say mopeds. Look in the background at the old office chair. 
The museum has 2010 moved to new locals in a villa near north part of Hedemora. Drive in villa area near by the OK petrol station. Follow sign boards.

The new museum.

The new museum is now installed in two villa garages.
After the death of present owner father and mother he bought a house in the north part of Hedemora. For this he sold at least 2 older cycles and the Ford cars. This was a must when the old living house was in bad condition.
The community had also push him to sell because they wanted the area for industry buildings. 
Of this became no reality and today the houses and workshop is hired by a local mc club. The living house became their Club local.

This little road sign shows the Museum place for 2010. Ref 1

MC cycles is in these two garages. Ref. 1







David Senning cycle. Ref 1

Specifikationen for a Senning. Ref 1

The men behind DS cycle.Senning to the left. Ref 1Brage. This cycle is converted for producer gas. Ref 1

Excelsior. Ref 1This Dusenberg mark was saved from Strömbergs car when scrapped. Ref 1

This HD is noramlly started for the visitors. Ref 1Production number for the HD. Ref 1


In this new museum there is at least three very interesting machines. One Senning, Excelsior and a HD. The DS cycle has a Motosacoche engine but for the rest there is Senning's own construction. 
Those who were involved in building this are gathered on the photo. Senning stands to the left. In this gang also Ivar Malmer was involved. He was the man t6ogether with Thord Ångström who were main father of Enoch Thulin´s motorcycles.

The only left part from Strömberg's Duesenberg car. It was saved from the scrapping death. Read about Dusenberg in this link. Torsten Krügers car. Not that this is not the match box king who shoot himself in Paris. Instead Ivar, the man who had much trouble with a paper industry in Jämtland Sweden.

About HD-machine you can read in MC museum Sura. On the last picture there is also it's production no.

The excelsior mark was one of Hendersson different cycles. This type is one of his first constructions. Henderssons. He ended up with production of ACE. William got his main education at Winton Cars where his father was vice president. It was from Winton that Packard bought a car, model Stanhope. From this they made the Packard badge famous.

Brage is for sure a local production cycle in Dalarna Sweden. If the engine is bought or not I don't know. It is converted for gas.


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