J29 now sold to Air Force museum. Ref 1
J29 now sold to Air Force museum. Ref 1
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Chaparral mc museum. Ref. 1
FN 1902 - 1965. FN was a company which was established just nearby Sarolea in the Belgian town of Herstal. Here they started to manufacture, what all other firms did, bicycles and motorcycles. The bicycle from FN had the curiosity to be driven by a prop shaft instead of a chain. This bicycle was on the market 1898. The first real motorcycle came 1901. It had a 133 cc motor and was driven by a riveted leather strap as "chain". The engine capacity was successively increased from 133, to 188, 300, 347 to a four cylinders engine with 748 cc. By this reason it was called Type 700. FN is known for its unusual front spring construction which came after the WWI. They had bought it from Switzerland. 1959 FN produced their own mopeds with several different names. For ex. the sport model Rocket. Together with Sarolea they designed a type S. 1967 the last moped left the production line of FN.
Chaparral mc museum. Ref. 1
EBE. In city of Åmål Sweden people 1923 could see one EBE 500 cc with side wagon. It was Selma Danielsson driving year around. Althoug it was not this model EBE which made the 10 year EBE history. EBE is Swedish MC history and the man behind was KG Lindquist from Gävle. He started with a help engine for cycles 1917 and it was named EBE.
Chaparral mc museum. Ref. 1
Excelsior. William Henderson was one of the brothers whose father was vice prsident for Winton Motor Car Company. William got is technical education here and became interested in motorcycles. The production was though small and when his concept started to be known he realized that he needed more money. Therefore he sold his construction to Excelsior in Chicago.
Chaparral mc museum. Ref. 1
AJS. 1931 A.J. Stevens Motorcycle Ltd. Wolverhampton run into economical problems and was bought by Collier & Co in London. They produced Matchless motorcycles. But much happened before this. Already 1874 Joseph Stevens & Co was registered. This was a company that manufactured all sorts of screws and small details of steel and brass. The assumptions were perfect, when engines came on the market and they could start to produce some sort of vehicle.
Chaparral mc museum. Ref. 1 
Triumph heritaged from a German business man, Sigfried Bettman, who immigrated to England from the German Empire. Here he opened an import and export firm 1883. 1885 he changed name to Triumph Cycle Company. The factory was placed in the industrial city of Coventry. He also started TWN in Germany. 1902 the first motorcycle was produced with a Belgian engine.
Chaparral mc museum. Ref. 1 
Allon. Alldays & Onions built motorcycles in Sparkbrook England between the years 1903 and 1915. Engines was bought from Villers. The company can be followed as far back as early 1800 as Alldays & Onions Pneumatic Engineering Company in Birmingham. First they built cars 1898 and their first mc came 1903. After 1915 the firm moved to Small Heath and sold a new mc named Allon up to 1927.
Chaparral mc museum. Ref. 1 
Close up picture of the Allon footrest.
Chaparral mc museum. Ref. 1 
ABC. Motorcycle. ABC had many curious ways druring it's lifetime. It started 1912, or perhaps earlier with the company All British (Motorcycle) Co. It started by Ronald Charteris. The meaning was to produce a piston engine. It was what they said at that time. As the best friend and designer Granville Bradshaw helped a little. But that was the man who was going to do the job.
Chaparral mc museum. Ref. 1 
New Hudson. This mark started as many other producing cycles. Their factory was placed in Bermingham. The man behind was Georg Patterson 1902. Anyway his customer were not happy with his production and everything stood still up to 1910 and also during WWI.
Chaparral mc museum. Ref. 1 
Sarolea. Sarolea was established 1850 as a firm that produced parts for weapons and also cycles by Joseph Sarolea. He died 1894 but a new clever man took over and run the firm till 1949. During the period between wars several different kind of models were produced in 350 till 600 cc.
Chaparral mc museum. Ref. 1 
Chaparral mc museum. Ref. 1 
Chaparral mc museum. Ref. 1
Chaparral mc museum. Ref. 1
Chaparral mc museum. Ref. 1
Chaparral mc museum. Ref. 1
Chaparral mc museum. Ref. 1
Chaparral mc museum. Ref. 1 Monark 250. Ref. 1
TWN. Ref. 1
Veteran okänd. Ref. 1
Vetran unknown
Veteran okänd. Ref. 1
Veteran unknow
Panther. Ref. 1
Handikapp moped. Ref. 1
Handicap moped Ragne?
Nimbus. Ref. 1
Lyno. Ref. 1
BMW. Ref. 1
HD ?. Ref. 1
HD ?
Honda Gold Wing. Ref. 1
Honda Gold Wing
BMW. Ref, 1
James. Ref. 1
Husqvarna. Ref. 1
Ariel. Ref. 1
Whizzer USA. Ref. 1
Whizzer USA

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