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Chaparall entrance ticket. Ref 1
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Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
Sir Henry Royce was except car builder also an inventor. One of his patents from this time was the light bulb for cars. It was formed with a bayonet bottom. This is still today formed according his patent.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
Henry Edmunds had invited them to Midlands Hotel in Manchester on the 4th of May 1904. One of them with the name Henry Royce, a clever engineer and Charles Rolls, a reseller of cars. Sir Henry Royce had built cars since 1902.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
During time between wars they developed aircarft engines and also made the best, which means the strongest. This engine was called the R-engines and gave 810 ps. The problem was that England had no suitable airplane to use it. In Germany it was just the opposite.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
Two hot-headed Dodge brothers, Horace and John started a firm 1900 in order to deliver engines for Oldsmobile and Ford production. For this Dodge was made partner in Ford. 1914 they decided to start their own production of cars. The first model presented was a 4 cylinder model 30. It was a scaled Ford T.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
The car got the reputation to be a very good car. The Dodge selling was already in second place i USA. This kind of car was needed in the US army. General Pershing, who had the task to stop the Mexican revolution run by Pacho Villa bought Dodge. This general became later leader of  the American forces during WWI.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
Thomas Jeffery, f. 1845, emigrated from England 1862, at 17 years old. He settled in Chicago. There he started here as a patent engineer and also produced telescopes. He started his life line by constructing the "security cycle". This type had wheels, the same size contrary the so called High Wheelers, which were commonly sold.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
Info about Nash in the museum.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
Nash badge
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
The steering whell design for Nash.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
1928 a new Nash 400 model was announced. Nils-Erik Whalberg had constructed the engines 6 or 8 cylinders. The 8 had also a double ignition system and gave 100 ps. They were mounted on the frame with 4 rubber parts.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
An older engine type in the museum
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
Walter Owen Bentley founded 1920 Bentley Motors Ltd. The mark got big interest after several wins at Le Mans 24 hours in France.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
The great news on the A-Ford was that the full and half speed system was changed to a 3 gear gearbox.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
T-Ford 1927. This car was the second big success for Ford factory after the preceding A (1903) up to T (1908). The first car came October 1908 and replaced the old letter combinations, which started with A (1903). Ford became not ready with his first Quadracycle evaluation until 1903. 1904 the production started with the first car. Modell T was delivered in lots of different bodies like, Standard- DeLuxe, Business Coupé, Convertible, Town Car 2 windows Standard och De-Luxe.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
From Solingen in Germany immigrated family Staudenbecker. They entered America in Philadelphia 1736. Here they settled down and worked for living as a black smith and wooden worker. Later their name was Amercanized to Studebaker. It was Peter and Clement, wife Anna and son Peter. Of this family became later 5 brothers in the middle of 1800. They started Studebaker Brothers.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
Mercedes Benz 260 1937.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
Hupmobile 1910. Two years earlier had the clever engineer Hupp started his life from the bottom in order to learn car production. He started to work at R.E. Olds 1902-03. Later he got work at Ford 1904-07. After this he felt ready to start his own company. Now he could realize his own ideas.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
In the 1920th Hupp had a Swede, Ivan Öhrnberg working. He had travelled to USA already 1909. There he became chief engineer at Hupp Motor Corp. 1926 he was on a short visit in Sweden and accepted to test some new cars from Volvo. He came back 1933 and became chief for production for Volvo cars.
 Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
Info about Hupmobile in the museum.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
General Cycle Sales AB in Landskrona was reseller for several foreign vehicles among them Orient. The cars were delivered to many different countries. Only a few thing remained to be mounted when delivered to Sweden.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1

Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1

Info about Orient in the museum.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
 The engine was air cold. In the beginning it had a DeDion engine and missed gearbox. It was driven by a variable coupling. A steel plate covered with leather/rubber was pressed against the rotating plate driven by the engine. This could be moved in and out to get different speeds. The rotating power was transferred to the rear wheels by chain.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
When Walter P Chrysler had reached so far that he controlled his company Chrysler Co. Now he created several car badges and bought others that were near bankruptcy. DeSoto and Plymouth saw daylight 1927 and Dodge was saved from destruction. The coming luxury car from Chrysler and most expensive, got the name Imperial.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
Plymouth badge.
Chaparral car museum. Ref. 1
Driver place in Plymouth.
LaSalle during renovation. Ref. 1
LaSalle during renovation

LaSalle badge. Ref. 1
LaSalle badge
Bond 3-wheeler. Ref. 1
Bond 3-wheeler

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